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  • David - Issue with the keys

    I have returned this piano multiple times once I bought it. Each new piano I get has a few keys that make extra noise when played. It's almost like something is loose, because it makes the sound when the piano is off. I'm extremely disappointed with my purchase and will not be attempting to buy another one.

  • Rawim - Caffeine pill.

    Yes, if you work out, eat right, and take this fat burner you will lose weight and fat. Also if you work out, eat right, and take flintsone’s chewables you will lose weight and fat. The main ingredient in each 710 mg capsule is 680 mg of caffeine. That’s it. A big caffeine pill. Caffeine gives you energy, and if you work out while all hopped up on caffeine you will lose weight. The remaining 30 mg are various leaf and bean extracts. Of which none are special or miracle fat burners. So this is just another caffeine pill pretending to be a performance supplement. With that in mind it’s up to you if you think it will do anything for you. I would look elsewhere.

  • Stacey Magdaleno - Very helpful

    Definitely helped clean out my system. Helped with constipation. And overall made my insides feel better. I don't like that I have to take four pills. But this really works

  • Maria Ward - Trust in your Eyes

    It works. Keep it simple and deal in facts. Go to see a demo and ignore any marketing rhetoric. You will see the results of lifted firmer skin. I do concede it isn't cheap. What needs to be calculated is how it will benefit you and is it therefore worth it.

  • Bryce deVeaux - Worked as expected.

    I had a wart on my on my finger, it was nasty, bought this and used as directed (held it on a little longer than directed) and the wart came off within a few days like it said it would. Only downside is that there is a little bit of pain (maybe a lot of pain for certain people) from the freezer burn. Would recommend.

  • W. W. Mayfield - Not the right kind of plug

    I bought one of these to plug my TV in and it doesn't work at all. The outlet in the wall has three holes arranged in a triangle and this cord just has one rectangular shaped plug. I tried buying three to plug one into each hole in the outlet but even when I hammered the prongs into the right shape for the outlet my TV still won't come on and now it has smoke coming out of it.

  • dneil - Very good. One suggestion would be more larger zipper pockets ...

    Very good. One suggestion would be more larger zipper pockets inside to allow for organizing "stuff." I carry this as a purse on my walk to work, there is only one inside zipper pocket large enough to handle a man's wallet. I have to keep my address book in there as well. MOre would be better.