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  • Amazon Customer - I love these supplements

    I love these supplements.I have more get up and go.Thy help with fluid retention.A s I have less in between desires to snack.Thy are awsome in always.👍

  • Mark Dudgeon - This stuff is amazing!! Rather than pull out the tranny to ...

    Wow! This stuff is amazing!! Rather than pull out the tranny to get to the rear main seal... I poured a bottle of this stuff.... With less than an hour of driving the there no signs of any leaks... Don't know how long this stuff works or holds up, but for now I don't have to spend a lot of time and money on replacing the rear main seal.... I suggest anybody giving this stuff a shot before tearing their car apart.....

  • Hillary Dina - Why can't they just avoid me?

    This book is crap. It was written by some lazy sea captain who wants the entire world to watch out for him and his big ego and all of his importance instead of him watching out for us. I'm tired of it! I'm tired of having to always look over my shoulder for huge ships so they don't hit me. Why can't sea captains take responsibility and watch where they're going? Since when do we live in a sea-captain-centric world? I thought the world revolved around the sun?

  • Dreamy Jeanne - PRETTY REPETITIOUS.

    Actually pretty boring. You find yourself saying, "Where's the beef". Save you money. The writer, pretty much says the same thing on YouTube.