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  • Michael D. - Great Unit...

    Great Item works as advertised. I've had it for a few months now and have had no problems. It has protected my home entertainment center many times over the past few months. I live in South FL. and had many short power outages and brown outs due to some work FPL was doing. This unit was powerful enough to protect a 50 inch plasma, PS4, Sony Home Theater Receiver, Xfinity Modem, Asus Router, and Xfinity Cable Box. It can power all these devices non-stop for 12 minutes. Pretty impressive. The outages I experienced only lasted a few seconds to 3 minutes. I would definitely recommend this UPS to anyone with similar short outages and power fluctuations.

  • MerA - Highly Recommend!!

    This was recommended to me and so I bought this for my son when he was studying for his test. It helped him tremendously!! I would highly recommend!!

  • Amazon Customer - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011

    This is a great piece of software for drawing and painting on the computer. I have been drawing and painting using regular materials for over forty years and this software comes the closest I have found to working with those materials.

  • Ava Stella - Great Product, the real thing

    The item is great, I got it at a fraction of the price of what they sell it for in Vegas! I still have the one I bought from vegas, they are the same.

  • Mason - Got the job done!

    I sprayed one time and it got rid of my bugs! Like the tiny spray tube that goes on the nozel to get in tiny spaces!

  • Liana - Love it

    The ab gymnic belt works great. All the settings work and my fiance was really surprised how strong it was!

  • Herb - Perfect!

    Response was fast...installed on first PC just purchased with no problem. Liked so well I went and bought another one for one of my personal desktops. Finally made it to friends place and once there installation went through fast and completed without no hassle.