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  • Clive Rowland - Think very carefully before buying this product

    Just over a year ago, for reasons which I can’t now recall, I changed my Antivirus supplier to BitDefender.

  • J. Hynes - For Sensitive skin!

    Excellent for sensitive skin. My skin breaks out after almost everything, and it immediately calmed down after I started using this exclusively. It leaves my skin soft and clean, yet does not strip any moisture out (it is completely NON FOAMING). I have since tried many other "sensitive" facial washes, and none have compared to this one. It even removes make-up if massaged thoroughly (might need a rinse and second pass).


    DO NOT BUY IF USING FOR A LARGE LED BAR!!! I had to buy and replace all the wire because the wire gage was way too small (18ga) I replaced with 10ga, the wire got too hot too the touch. It would be great for a smaller set up. I used a 42" light bar

  • William Scott - Prefect Grill for repainting near OEM Paint!

    I purchased this grill actually to replace a sub-standard one which I had gotten. This grill's finish is smooth which is PERFECT to prep for painting. Other grills which I have seen required two hours of prep before they were ready to shot with colour. This one, being a smooth finish, allowed for quicker time prepping to scuff before applying DBC base coat and then the clear. Grill looks AWESOME! Since this is plastic the colour will never be a match to any part which was metal underneath, but it is very, very close. Very happy with the outcome and will HIGHLY recommend this Grill. Thank you for an excellent product.