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  • Tameka Gibson - Great Buy & No Tools Necessary

    I brought two of these houses for my outside pets. They are very stable, especially when you stake them down. Putting together the 1st house was a bit... challenging, especially... the floor (part B). It took me 30 minutes to put the dog house together, once I finally figured out how to make that part connect. Twenty minutes was dedicated to that part alone. Trust me when I say you have to work on a flat, stable... surface to put this house together. Also, try to do it when your pets aren't around jumping on you. Other then that, the construction of the house requires no tools, except a knife to open the box. It took me two minutes to try to hulk through that box top before I got smart and got knife intervention. I was able to put my 2nd dog house together in less then ten minutes, but I had practice and experience by then. I was concerned that the roof might leak because of how it is. You would have to see it to know what I'm talking about. Luckily for me it started raining as soon as I was done. So... Needless to say I got in it to see if it would leak. And the answer was... no. It was solid like a rock. The door flaps are somewhat heavy to smaller animals and confused my dogs & cats at first (Yes, my cats sleep with the dogs in their houses), so I took one off for them to get used to it. All in all, these dog houses were a great buy for me.

  • deanna morrison - This couch is beautiful. The maroon/burgundy is very deep and rich in ...

    This couch is beautiful. The maroon/burgundy is very deep and rich in color. It is heavy and elegant. Perfect size for my studio apartment or I'm a bigger space. The only thing I had trouble with was locating it while it was being delivered. The actual furniture store Amazon bought it from delivered it which was my only negative experience with all of the years I have shopped with Amazon.

  • Pen Name - Best album yet

    Best album yet! The epitome of a socially conscious, creative, and theologically faithful piece of art. Sho Baraka and the team of people that have worked on this project have done a phenomenal job. I only gave it 5 stars because 10 was not an option. Get it, and enjoy!

  • SAUGEY-VERON - be careful: I checked the expiration date on the ...

    be careful: I checked the expiration date on the 3 ordered packets , the product expires in August 2015, in a month. Nothing was said in the description.