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  • GooseDad - Works as described. Haven't had any issues with reception....yet

    This works well. Screwed right into the factory slot for my 2008 FJ Cruiser. It is overpriced though. Many other reviews had issues with reception but I haven't had any yet; although I haven't been any place too rural in the truck as of yet. This allowed me to park the truck in my garage; so I'm pleased with the purchase thus far.

  • OverExposed22 - Worth every cent!

    I thoroughly enjoy this keyboard. The lighting is a little gimmicky, but I expected that when purchasing. They can be distracting, but are entertaining and ultimately can be turned off in the settings. In my opinion its better to have and not want, than to need and not have. The construction of the product seems durable. I purchased it for gaming purposes, specifically World of Warcraft, and for that application it's definitely overkill. If you've never used a mechanical keyboard (as was the case for me) they are significantly louder than traditional membrane keyboards when typing and pressing the key in general. So there is some getting used to that aspect and maybe a deal breaker if you play in the same room as others ie door rooms, or living rooms. The plus side of it is that you know when you have successfully pressed a key both by feel and the audible click that is made when using this keyboard. The most accurate description I can give without one hearing it is it compares very closely to a typewriter. As a techhead and gamer I overall love it. The detachable cord design of this model definitely noteworthy.While i've never had a keyboard cable get a short or become damaged as i dont travel with my keyboard or move it often, but the ability to replace just a cable if the one supplied should fail is definitely a plus. The keyboard side of this cable is a micro usb so I have several compatable cables just laying around the house. The keys are great and will be easy to clean when the time comes. I'm trying to think of other stuff to comment on that other may want to know before purchasing. To sum it up,if you are on the fence and are reading this review, pull the trigger. I love this keyboard, it's definitely worth the money, and I have no regrets after using for a few days. If I encounter issues or problems i'll update this comment.

  • Carol Adair - Great value, that has added lots of joy and entertainment for the kids.

    So far the kinds are in love with these watches. The battery time seems to be more than sufficient to get them through the day with moderate use, and they seem to be able to handle a fair amount of abuse. Even for a 4 year old these things are easy enough for them to figure out and have hours of fun with. The watch seems to be adjustable for very small wrists, and overall the size and weight is not too big for smaller children to be able to manage wearing. I would say overall that these are a great deal for the forty something dollars we paid for them.