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  • Brian Timothy Finks - Best album of 2015 so far

    Best album of 2015 so far. I think your saying a lot of s***, but your not detailin all the way. Lik I understand you but I feel others dont. Great album thou. Golden era of music is almost here again

  • Philip - Absolute classic revisited

    Absolutely timeless and special song remastered. This is one of those songs you remember exactly where you were the first time you hear it.

  • Kellyann - I love the color and it works well

    This tea came with the cutest infuser. I love the color and it works well. The tea itself is of good quality, came with ample amount, and the flavor is nice. I made a hot tea with it and added a little stevia for flavor and it was delicious. I have only been using it for a short while so I can't say it if is detoxing me but my allergies have improved and after drinking it I did feel alert and refreshed the following morning. I will continue using this tea and testing it, but so far I am enjoying it a lot!

  • Kindle Customer - Works great!

    I use these nightly while in the hot tub and they work great. It's also great how easy it is to pause what's playing and to adjust the volume.

  • Guardsix - Destination Abaddon, Finally!

    Ok, I almost forgot to write a review of this book! This is the third book in this series that I have read and, as you would expect, the most frightening of all. This is a science fiction horror novel, plain and simple. Yeah, it’s also a military science fiction book, but one that goes far, far beyond the normal humans fighting aliens thing. If you’re not the kind that likes to read science fiction horror stories, you might want to move on to something else, otherwise, this is a very, very good and intense book.

  • Ellie - Whitening teeth

    I love this product! It easy to use. It is a little messy with the gel, light and trying not to swallow during the process. But it's totally worth the time! It works that's exactly what you want to hear and it does! Try not the overuse bc your teeth can become sensitive. (Mind you, you are whitening your teeth so it's to be expected!) just use a directed and you will love the results.

  • marcin sobiewski - Just fog lights work fine. License plate works but i have a error ...

    Just fog lights work fine. License plate works but i have a error message, reverse lights point straight up and my truck think the back up light is out.