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  • https://optimalhealthsolutions.ca/alternative-medicine/brain-waves-technology/ Brain Waves Technology | Alpha & Theta Brain Waves | Lucy Liu - Get to know about all types of brain waves- Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta brain waves and enhance your brain functionality and productivity.
  • https://optimalhealthsolutions.ca/alternative-medicine/neuro-linguistic-programming/ What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP Techniques - What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming? Optimalhealthsolutions.ca provides NLP coaching and Techniques. For more detail visit us today!!
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  • Randy Fox - good picture. Pans and tilts slowly but allows you ...

    Runs well, good picture. Pans and tilts slowly but allows you to see what you're passing. Smart phone interface works well. Good purchase.

  • Music & Book Fan - Great soap for family use

    I had purchased this first for my husband to use when he used to go camping with our son when they were involved in Scouting. I had been purchased at one of the local medical stores on the recommendation by a sales person when I explained I was looking for something to solve heat,yeast and other skin issues. It had solved the rashes they both got from the heat and then the other boys started to use it since they also started to get the heat rash and chafing. I started to use it as well since it solved my problem with getting the same problems since I drive a bus that has no A/C and cut down on my problems as well. Some people may or may not like the scent, I have no issues with it and the family likes the cool feeling get get from using the soap and the smell from the soap is great for guys and for me does not have all that perfume to it. I've even used it on my Westie who has yeast skin flare ups from time to time without any problems, I just make sure I rinse him well and it keeps him smelling fresh for a longer period of time. Over all I have been very pleased with the Pedifix FungaSoap. It is not over drying and is fantastic especially in the summer time. I have taken advantage of the auto ship for the product since I have been very pleased with the product in the past and find using this wash on any skin issue I may have helps clear it up faster than using any powder or cream for the same problem.

  • D. Champlain - A Solid Machine

    Many of the reviewers described this product accurately. You will not be dissatisfied with this treadmill. It is a terrific treadmill at a great value.

  • jay state - 👌

    This is such a great alternative if you prefer not to take antibiotics. The first day of taking these I felt 80% better. I recommend these to all my family and friends who have history of bladder infection or uti. If your symptoms don't improve after a day or two, you should defiantly see a doctor though. You may have kidney issues. Bottom line, try these!

  • jjster2 - I was able to watch my local football team play ...

    I was able to watch my local football team play a road game in Los Angeles when there was no available broadcast of the game in my area. The picture on my tablet was crystal clear.

  • Amy Jamieson - Great product... Have realistic expectations and you'll love it too!

    I have read so many reviews on here about people complaining that this 'shuts off when too much pressure is applied' and that it's not 'strong enough'. Well, duh. That's all I can say. If you want a construction quality sander buy a mouse sander or a dremel sander.

  • Don Wilson - Worth the trouble to find and buy

    This excellent product is worth the extra expense. My first use of this product, replacing mildewed caulk in a bathroom shower, went perfectly. Only time will tell if it does a better job of resisting mildew than other cheaper and more available bathroom caulks. Certainly, after a month, there is no sign of any discoloration. I purchased this from the Amazon Marketplace because a lack of availability locally.