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  • djpurvis - One of the best wall mounts

    My first thought was why did people give this thing such good reviews. The instructions weren't the best and there was some room for interpretation in the pictures. For a fleeing moment, I almost boxed it up and returned it. But then I told myself to calm down and take step back and try again. This time I took my time reading the directions more closely and matched up the pictures to the parts. In a perfect world the rectangle;e bracket you see in the picture would already assembled but it is not. But once it started going together, the process started speeding up. I found my studs thanks to the "CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder" I ordered on Amazon. You need to get one of these first. It was my first time using it and I was amazed at how it would stick to the wall when it found a nail in the stud. Much better than a battery operated stud finder. So i got the brackets bolted to the studs and then back mounted to the 65" TV i own. It goes on very easy. There will be 2 pull cords that hand down which is kind of annoying. I taped them up to the back of the TV. You will need to be able to pull these if you want to unlatch your TV and take it down in the future. I have several TV mounted to the wall and most are articulating. This one was the hardest to put together but is the nicest overall and especially for the price. The TV really mounts snug to the wall. Very Impressed & I plan on changing out another one that I have installed in another room with this one becasue it is so much flusher to the wall.

  • Carol Jaquet - Hallmark Card Studio

    I am very happy with the Hallmark Card Studio and have been having fun getting to know how it works. Hallmark makes beautiful cards and I like that I can make changes to say exactly what I want to say.

  • Phil - smooth function - my son loves it

    This is a very smooth/ergonomic rubic's cube - my son likes this one better than the original rubic with the sharper edges. He even took the thing all apart when he got frustrated and before he learned the algorithms and it seemed to all pop back together again just fine without breaking. Good value buy on Amazon.

  • Brent - Solid tempered glass protector

    This iPhone 7 tempered glass film screen protector shipped fast, was packaged well, and was easy to open. Directions were easy to read and understand. The glass is super slim 9H hardness. This protector was super easy to install and had no bubbles. Once installed my phone looked super sleek. This protector has anti-dust and smudge properties and they work well. Nice a touch sensitive so all my apps and swiping worked flawlessly. It my iPhone 7 fine. Info says it will work for a 6s and plus also.

  • slowmotionburn - Do not hesitate to pick this book up!

    The author is pretty much at your disposal for any questions, which is a fresh change for sure. I was recently thrown into a SysAdmin position with my company and I didnt have a ton of experience with Exchange {/linux here} I got a hold of the author through a popular social media site, asked a few tough questions, and all the answers panned out with little complication.