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  • Tiffany - Love the scent and am a big fan of the ...

    This formula is so thick and stays on the washcloth all throughout the bath. Love the scent and am a big fan of the Aveeno brand. Little one has sensitive skin so this is our preferred brand for sure.

  • Jet Gardner - Don't buy unless you've never heard the original

    I grew up on the vinyl of this and still have a worn copy. In my youth, I played and played the vinyl version to the point of having every nuance and note permanently engraved on my mind.

  • Becky Ponstein - Liam a bookie who is gorgeous, but hard as ...

    Liam a bookie who is gorgeous,but hard as ice, dut deep down has a heart of gold. He just doesn't let anyone know. Elizabeth is determined not to rely on anyone for anything. The death of Elizabeth's to father brings her home from school and finds Liam has been given everything. They jave never met and are both grieving the loss, but she is angry and doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants her and will do everything for her to give him a chance.

  • Tiny D - Good stuff!

    I take this with Nattokinase so I'm not sure which one did the trick, but I'm going to continue taking both. I've got really bad type 2 diabetes and I've been staying away from sweets/carbs for about half a year. My feet and hands hurt just walking, and for the last month my heart started spasming when I lay down, I think its called arrhythmia. And several times per hour my heart would just beat really really hard, once, like it was having trouble getting something through. Scary stuff, and I can't afford a doctor.

  • gilbert raynor - How I saved alot money using

    I was very impressed with the quality. It really does make a big change to my tv. plus it arrived pretty quick. Thank you