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  • jc888 - pretty good

    bag is pretty good. wished it had a few more pockets... but the weight is light and the material feels strong.

  • Eric Lee - Get this ball

    I was initially concerned about buying this ball. I had read good things, but was unsure if I could like this ball as much as the Molten Pro Touch. I played with it the other day for the first time and immediately noticed how easy it was to pass, set, and hit. This is a hitters ball! The other thing you immediately notice is how easy this ball is to see and how well this ball floats and sets - no more bad sets! This ball is softer than the Pro Touch/Super Touch yet it plays just as hard. It feels like genuine leather not "plasticky" like I've read in some reviews. The group I generally play with is a diverse group of players and not a single person (from AA to near terrible) complained about this ball. If you are on the fence about this ball, take the won't regret it.

  • Jennifer Page - not the product I ordered

    I didn't receive nite white excel as ordered, I received nite white zoom, which didn't work like the excel did (that I got st the dentist.)

  • Rex Allen - 3 for the price of one

    I downloaded the Avast Antivirus after I had trouble with a competitor's product slowing down my computer to scan everything I opened. Instead Avast only scans the incoming and outgoing files. Once they are stored, they should be considered safe. I discovered that you get 3 licenses for 3 computers, at no extra charge. I installed the extra licenses on our other computers, one for my wife, and one for my laptop and one for my Desktop.

  • C. Woscek - My dog absolutely hates when he sees me coming with ...

    My dog absolutely hates when he sees me coming with this bottle but it's relatively quick and painless compared to a toothbrushing session. The vet said he sees a big difference in my dog's teeth, so I will continue using this every night before bed. My dog is 15 pounds and I use less than a pea size on each side of his mouth.

  • Jonathan Gelaude - Love the jig, not sure about the blue screws?

    I just began building the Kreg workbench. I figured I'd start with a basic project like this to familiarize myself with the Kreg jig and how it operates. If I make a mistake on this, the wood is just inexpensive 2x4s that I can easily replace.