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  • Mister Fixit - My Garage Doors look like new again.

    I just finished applying this to my Garage Doors. They are about 16 years old and were very oxidized. I first washed them thoroughly to remove all the powdery oxidized paint. I then applied the product using one of the supplied microfiber cloths. I am glad that this was an outdoor project as the odor is quite strong. The finish looks like a new door. Time will tell as far as how well this will hold up, but I am very happy with the result at this point.

  • bryanna lanier - Fire!!!!

    You never disappoint I don't even think I can read anything else after this every time I think I found my favorite book you come with something better!!

  • Bryan with a BY - Waiting for the quad din.

    This thing is everything I have ever wanted in a car stereo and more. I'm thinking about buying a second one, and mounting it right under the first one so it will be twice as cool. For serious though, if you think maybe you might possibly want a car stereo that can do pretty much anything you can think of, then get this thing, it's sick.

  • Cherilyn Azubuike - Beauty Don't

    After hearing the rave reviews online and hearing about Hairfinity on the Steve Harvey Show..I absolutely couldn't wait to try these vitamins. Unfortunately for me, they did the opposite of what I expected. It caused my hair to become very brittle and dry. I never changed my routine the only thing I added to my routine was taking these vitamin twice daily, once I stopped taking them my hair returned to its normal state.

  • hm2884 - Wow! Love what this does for my hair!

    I wish I had discovered this oil years ago. My hair is so soft every time I use it! I always put it on when my hair is damp, so I'm not sure what it would do to dry hair. I like the heat protection aspect of the product and love the way it smells. Definitely a winner!

  • Melinda Richards - Rapid delivery, nice set

    Everything arrived much faster than I expected, and the set is very good quality. Had a ball playing badminton with it a few weeks ago.

  • Nolan Moore - Love Wilson

    We named our little maltese after this ball from the movie "Castaway". Wilson We live on Hilton Head Island. When we got our little white ball of fur, and would live on an island..Wilson was the perfect name