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  • KFOR - Think this is working but packaging stinks

    I THINK this product is working but it's tough to tell right now. I'm writing this to help others who may have trouble actually getting it into their dog's mouth. My dog has tartar on the far back molars only. She's a recent adoption & just a year old but her breath could kill. Vet was ready to anesthetize her & scale her teeth but I wanted to try this first. The packaging for this gel is absolutely crappy for delivery of the gel to the back teeth of a 45 pd wiggly puppy who absolutely HATES the process. She doesn't mind the taste just the process. A 2 man job & I could never tell if I was actually getting it on the teeth needed. Plus bottle is hard to squeeze the gel out of & you subsequently end up using way more than you need. But the breath is better & it looks like the tartar may be lessening after 7-10 days. So if you try this product save yourself & your dog some anguish. Buy a 5-10cc syringe (obviously without a needle), load it with the gel, then you can just slip the syringe in the side of the dog's mouth to the back teeth & PRESTO...1 person can accomplish easy accurate delivery with no wasted product & you don't traumatize the dog.

  • Leah Di - Great product for the price!

    I love this portable charger. It's a tiny bit heavy but fits in my palm and doesn't take up a lot of space in general. I can get 2 or 3 full charges out of it on my Samsung S4 which I charge 2 times a day. I carry the Qualcomm charger everywhere and it's saved me so many times already! Highly recommend.