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    I've only used it for normal oven temperatures and only hand washed it. With each use it lost more and more of it's finish, but it's stainless steel so I didn't think it was coming off onto the food. However, today's batch of several pounds of roasted almonds that just came out of the oven are all COVERED IN METAL SPECKS! My money was doubly squandered.

  • abby d diva - It works!

    I have a scar in my tummy from giving birth and i tried so many scar cream but it didn't help. I've bee using this Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream twice a day since the first day i recieved it but so far so good i think its workin but i don't expect to see results instantly. My scar are much toned down and less visible. I can't wait to see in another month or two.

  • William L Robinson - J. K. Lasser's Your Income tax 2013

    Each year I have used this book for more than 50 years. It answers all my questions about items like IRAs, special deductions, investments and much more. I would recommend this book if you are doing your own taxes.

  • tab312 - Love, love, love this!

    Thankfully my son has only had one cold so far, but even for the here and there booger that is irritating him we use this attached to our vacuum and it works great. We started this early so the noise of the vacuum doesn't scare him and when he see's us setting up he knows exactly what is going to happen and cooperates. The only 'downside' I can see to this is that it isn't portable unless you have a vacuum for use wherever you are going (ie grandma's house or something like that) so doesn't help you when you are on the go, but it works so well that I'm happy to have it and would definitely purchase again. Haven't seen the need for something on the go up to this point (son is 9 months), but if I did I guess I would rather purchase something separately for that than to go without this product because it is that good. My niece had a portable one and it was much more messy to clean that this and didn't work as well so that's what led me in this direction in the first place. Happy to find this good quality product that is very effective.

  • Alfredo J. Sixto - which is not recommended. Some of the predrilled holes were not the ...

    The machine was delivered on time with no damage. It took me about two hours to assemble it by myself, which is not recommended. Some of the predrilled holes were not the correct sizes, which made it very difficult to complete some tasks. But when everything is done, the machine works very smoothly and quietly. My daughter uses it everyday and is very happy with its performance, except for the occasional adjustment of the running belt, all is well.

  • mjfgman - Using scientific research to the fullest to develop this product.

    I'll start by saying that I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This seems to be a really great supplement to take for support of healthy hair. It's packed with scientifically supported beneficial vitamins and minerals and to date, has caused absolutely no ill side effects whatsoever. If you look at the product description, this seems to be one of those times where a company has used scientific research to the fullest and developed a supplement that is science-based to address an area of need that many of us have. I haven't used this long enough to completely know for certain that this is going to help me a ton, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that it's going to be an effective, excellent supplement for me to have taken. If I need to modify my review, I certainly will.

  • AtteZAN - Black powder = White teeth

    This black powder does a very good job of cleaning your teeth. It is a different experience compared to conventional toothpaste but it does a far better job without all the chemicals. What you get when you put this powder in your mouth is a paste that turns your entire mouth black. Although it looks strange, it leaves your teeth feeling exceptionally clean! I have used this for about a week and have noticed my teeth looking a little whiter especially along the gum line. I will continue to use this as it says it whitens in 30 days or less. I did use another charcoal powder at one time and this does a much better job. One of the better things about Dr Song is the powder is much finer and does not stick in my gums like the other. I would recommend this brand over others just for that fact. Highly recommended!!