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  • gldeagle - Really good stuff

    So love this oil! Tames the frizz, makes my hair shiny and soft, and smells fantastic. The spray version is my favorite way to apply it although I use both. Depends on if want to blow dry or air dry or just need a touch up cause my hair is having an extra frizzy day.

  • Glenn E Copen Jr - Excellent products

    Compared to other sets, this has the things that make them more useful, including handles that do not overheat and holes in handles for hanging.

  • thomas Belll - Review nfhs basketball rule

    Great book . Easy to look up rules. Makes taking the test much easier. I would recommend that every official gets it. What about the official's manual

  • TechSavy - Not as good as earlier versions, but it will make OK cards etc for you.

    So many mixed reviews I have read on this item. Here is my honest assessment of it both good and bad. Nova makes this for Hallmark, back in 2005 it was made by Sierra and came with 3 discs, this product has only 1 disc. Sierra was a much better software developer than Nova is.

  • Amazon Customer - Worked great for me.

    I have some 10 year-old Hannimint patio furniture that was looking pretty ragged after sitting out in the Las Vegas sun all this time. I decided to try the recolor and it worked. Some people complain about the bottle size and it's true that it is pretty small. I was able to do 4 chairs and a table top. I liked the result so much I ordered 4 more boxes. I don't know about the paint restoring but it worked great on this aluminum patio furniture.

  • Baron von Bad Movie - failed testing, facing the needle

    an old woman brought this to my house and asked me to stick my hand inside. she warned me not to remove my hand no matter what. the burning was intense and it felt like my skin was being barbequed. after a minute i could not resist and i withdrew my hand. tomorrow i am scheduled for a lethal injection. i feel like an animal.

  • M. Snyder - A true bargain

    There are so few true bargains in the world today, especially when it comes to cost and movement analysis of products that may or may not sell in certain parts of the world and if there is or isn't demand, latent, persistent or due to magic/dragon intervention. This my friends is one of those true bargains. I've been combing the interwebs since late 2011 for something that would help me determine whether or not I should get into the wooden toilet seat business. This cinched it for me, after dropping a measly $495 on this report I was more than satisfied that I know that I can start my business. I only read the first page and then stopped because I knew right then that it's definitely worth my time and effort to sell wooden toilet seats to greater China, but not lesser China, I have to wait for that report.