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  • Brittany Stevens - Excellent service! Excellent product!

    I have to take medication every day and it gives me terrible dry mouth. I first came across this line of products years ago at a radiology oncology convention and I was amazed after I tried some samples. I now live in Germany and it's difficult to find specialty products like this. I was very please at how quickly I was able to receive my order at my military APO and the package was in perfect shape. Thank you so much!

  • Agatha Kristy - no frizz and holds my curls for days!

    I teach water aerobics and my curls can get very dry and brittle(frizzy). Motions Naturally You, Define My Curls Crème has restored bounce, shine and defined my curls better than any other product I have used!

  • Jenn - We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two ...

    We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two fllos. We love just about everything about them! I wish they had the no rethread harnesses but that's such a minor "con" it's not worth removing a star.

  • ThinkDavid - Read Reviews from those who had it longer than 6 months...

    It works great for about 6 months to a year then the carpet spinner stops working, the battery life dies and it's useless. It was such a great vacuum too while it worked, please read reviews that are from owners longer than 6 months and you'll see what I mean. I hope this helps someone.

  • Dr. donna - The jury is still out

    I was looking for a product for years to help with my dogs teeth and finally decided on this product. I apply this right on my dog's teeth daily. I am hoping that it diminishes all the plague that she has. She is a rescue and has horrible teeth. She had one dental and did poorly with it so no more of those. I'm going to use the whole bottle and will post again in the future. If this works ( fingers crossed ) on her teeth then it will get 10 stars.