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  • Deanna PinkLady - Epic Epic Epic

    Deep, Emotional, Raw, Beautiful, Hard, Sad, Loving, Heartbreaking.......just a few of the many feelings this book evoked as I set upon the journey. A book that completely engrossed me and left me with a yearning to reread again. A book that deeply filleted the characters and left you analyzing for day. A book that touched me greatly because of the extremely talented writing of the author that transported me into the story and made me feel everything......from good to bad, from love to hate and from despair to hope.

  • Anna - Pregnant after 14 months! The Best $160 I've Ever Spent

    Let me start out saying that I have never written a product review. I had to make an exception for Pregnitude. I began taking Pregnitude in October 2014. I am not one to experiment randomly with supplements, but I had done some research based on my cycle charts (Hubs and I use NFP both to get pregnant and once upon a time, to avoid pregnancy. We chart basal temperature, and we use a fertility monitor that measures LH and estrogen levels to identify the fertile window). Based on my charts and a discussion with my OB-GYN, we suspected hormonal imbalance that included weak progesterone and possibly weak ovulation. Namely, I ovulated on the later side (average CD 23) and I had dysfunctional uterine bleeding, including spotting for up to 5 days before my period. For unrelated reasons, we could not start fertility testing right away, so I decided to give Pregnitude a try based on the peer reviewed studies showing improved egg quality. My doctor was supportive. As an aside: he had recommended Vitex a few months earlier, so I also had been taking 800mg/day Nature's Way Vitex since May 2013.

  • AgentaEmme - Thank you Alton Brown!

    This was just like getting a personal walk through of each recipe! Cannot wait to try them all out! Thanks!

  • pinkterror - Doesn't feel like anything

    I use the Suki Cleanser so I figured I would try out the toner. I really do not how to assess the product because it doesn't really do anything. It smells nice and feels a nice refreshed feeling on the face, temporarily. I did not see any change on my skin and any affect on my face. I gave it 3 stars because if feels nice during application and, again, for the scent, and being gentle.

  • Jenn - We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two ...

    We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two fllos. We love just about everything about them! I wish they had the no rethread harnesses but that's such a minor "con" it's not worth removing a star.

  • inkmonkey83 - Love it!!

    I am very pleased with this purchase my son has been begging for this game for months before it was even released.. He would sit every day and watch you tube videos on the game.. I work night shift so I placed about midnight or so while at work and the game was in my P.O. Box not even a whole 48 hours later.. This was the most pleasent experience with Amazon I have expereinced in the 6 years I have been buying from Amazon..

  • Shaun Huffman - Best Headset

    I've owned three Plantronics headsets in the past, but this one is my favorite. The original Voyager was great for me as it was so comfortable and the battery life was so long. Then, I put it in my pocket and crushed it while working. I replaced that with a rather expensive "stereo" headset that allows you to plug in a right ear piece to listen to music in stereo. The music was great on the headset but it wouldn't hold a charge as long or stay on my ear. I saw the Pro get released and purchased one. Didn't like the sound quality of it though and returned it that day. Now I own the Legend, and it works great. I purchased a charging case to go with it and with how much I use my phone I'll never be caught without power for my headset. Sound quality is great, battery life is great, and I can leave it on my head and forget it's there. If I break it I'll likely buy another unless Plantronics releases another Voyager. I should also mention I've purchased many different headsets from other manufactures, and I've hated them all for sound quality, battery life and most of all, comfort.