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  • Amazon Customer - It's waaayy better than bio oil

    It worked for me after 2 years of giving birth. It's waaayy better than bio oil. My little stretch marks faded

  • H.F. - This is all I will use, irreplaceable!!

    I started using proactiv when I was around 22. I had never had acne problems as a teen, but all of a sudden around 21, I would get these large painful cystic blemishes maybe once or twice a month on my chin. They tore down my self esteem whenever I had one. I would be afraid to leave the house and try and schedule my life around the stupid things. These were not little baby white heads, They would take a week or more to come to a head and hurt like you would not believe during that process. Then, they'd take forever to heal. I'm fair with freckles, so a honkin' red mountain the size of a nickel or dime was not good.

  • Caroline - love this product

    Have ordered this product off and on for the last several years. It seems to really help me with energy, dieting and exercise.I seem to get sicknesses like the flu less too.