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  • Roland Valdez - 1st CF bike shoe, GREAT! =)

    These bike shoes fit great! After learning how to properly pedal with them, I notice how advantageous they are! I used to get numb left big toe area numbness. My pedaling efficiency has improved greatly over just using my regular shoes with the strap pedals. Highly recommended for those who have normal to narrow sized feet.

  • edgar lozano - Milwaukees Best (Poo)

    WOW I always knew Milwaukee was full of it and now its on my lawn. Really greened up and thickened St Augustine within three weeks and choked out weeds. Dead spots are filling in nicely. Smells bad but works.

  • SaltLakeBrave - Fantastic

    One of the all time greatest rock songs ever. Written and performed by one of the most underrated British rock bands

  • Erika Kopman - Fun for all ages!

    Received this as a present, I've always wanted a robot and this little guy is so much fun. He has personality and is still learning new tricks. My 5 year old enjoys playing with Cozmo just as much as my parents. I highly recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great For Tension Headaches!

    I LOVE THESE PATCHES! I suffer from tension headaches that cause nausea regularly, and these little patches take the edge off. When I feel a headache coming on or a tense muscle, I slap some of these babies on asap. The patch does not always completely relieve the pain, but it definitely helps provide some relief. Also, if I feel my neck getting tense, I will put on some patches and go to sleep....and no headache in the morning.

  • Honeybee - Amazing results...

    I just purchased the Brand New Butty Pills a week before Christmas at first I was like man these pills are a joke but believe it or not I started see results weeks after when I tried on my tight jeans I was like OMG... I had no room back their Now before I started taking the pills I always had slack back their after I had my 3rd child which was 14 months ago I had some butty but not very much and I am 38 years old I am loving this new Butty that I am getting so does my husband soon he will have alot to grab Lol.... Thanks to who invented the Brand New Butty Pills Keep up the good work I will be ordering more when I finish the first bottle.

  • Rayman - Very comfortable and spacious.

    This thing is great! I just had to get used to the strap and locking mechanism, but that was like 10 mins of use. I don't use this daily because I don't have that kind of job or lifestyle, but have used it when I can afford to travel. It's very comfortable and can hold all of my stuff. Still, I think it's a little expensive but definitely worth the money if you need to use it daily.