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  • Anthony Treash - When I first took M Stak i didnt know what ...

    When I first took M Stak i didnt know what to expect. I took my first packet 30 minutes before my lift and when i started my lift i blacked out. A few hours later i woke up next to a freeway with my shirt all cut up and covered in blood. I went back to the gym confused and when i walked in everyone ran away and started to scream. I turned into the hulk and destroyed the gym. And if anyone got in my way i threw them. This product got me mas gainz.

  • Lando - More Consistent Sleep

    Was pretty skeptical about this (and still am). However, I will say that after a month of using this my sleep got more consistent. I used to wake up at toss and turn a lot until I got this thing. It wasn't like a magic pill to where you fall asleep right away and wake up feeling like superman. I did however feel better when I woke up and stayed asleep longer. I chalked it up to maybe it being the placebo effect, but feel that after a month it seemed pretty legit. I did perform a test and stopped using it for 2 weeks after the first month and found that I tossed and turned more. My sleep dramatically improved when I started taking magnesium before bed and sleeping on this.