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  • gayle1965 - Hair

    Rogaine will grow yout hair back in, but it is hard to stop once you get on it. I use a micro needle with it where you need to grow hair and facilitates the product. Just remember you will have to wean yorself off of it slowly but it does work!! I have alopecia so it only starts up when I am having ectreme stress or when a beautician messed up my hair. if your hair problem is not so bad I recomend the Nioxin Intensive Hair Booster. It is great for thin hair. Get on hair vitamins also

  • MaryL - Master of Disaster

    Great songs. Master of Disaster alone is worth the price. I play this CD a lot. John Hiatt songs are special. Not on this album but Buffalo River Home is a all time favorite.

  • katy - excellent

    great perfume that denotes a male couple in daily use fragrance both day and evening, their scent remains long hours keeping the smell. recommended

  • Cool Reviewer - Does what it says!

    If you are a shower singer and like to dance around in your bathtub than this is for you. It does exactly what it says. It is a non slip bath mat and that's that! Very simple and works as described. It fit in my average size bathtub in the middle of the tub with still a foot to spare in the front and back of the tub so no it does not cover the entire floor. My shower floor is about 5 feet long if that helps. Anyways, if you are looking for a nonslip mat to make your bathtub more safe for your kids or shower singers than this mat is the one for you. Plus it will not kill your wallet.

  • Virginia Joe - Service from Waterpic Sux

    The product works great, wish i could use mine. The button which stops the water malfunctioned (stuck off) contacted support suggesting that they could just send the replacement part. They agreed, lost an email with my address and finally said they sent it but would take 20 business days. I am still waiting. really, how hard would it be to send this item priority mail. It has been over a month without use of this product.

  • Angie - Long-time User of Awapuhi Shampoo

    I've been using Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo for years and love it. My hair has always been healthy and fabulous. My daughter and both have long, thick hair. Hers is black and curly, mine is dark blond and straight. It's great for both of us. I waited too long to move her from the baby shampoo to the Awapuhi, and I'm so glad I finally did. Her hair still tangles, but it's much healthier.