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  • AIinUSA - Once you get the hang of it, you'll love the freedom

    BEST INVENTION! I use one per cycle - this box lasts me 14 months. Cheap, less waste, can still have intercourse while wearing it and he'll never know! ;) A little messy at first but once you get used to it, you'll be grand. Should push up with middle finger and let it rest on your pelvic a kegel push to nestle your cervix inside properly while holding it in place with your middle finger...this will help prevent leakage. Use one to practice with when you aren't cycling.

  • J.C.Shopper - I bought this as a substitute for the Sebolux Shampoo ...

    I bought this as a substitute for the Sebolux Shampoo that Virbac discontinued. It works well to soothe the skin irritations that occur with two of my dogs in the summer . I used this only as a substitute and would have preferred SEBOLUX.

  • LenF - Death Wobble Slayer

    Really happy with this kit. Had this installed to replace my stock steering stabilizer as it was consistently having death wobble due to my larger tires. This kit took care of the issue and I no longer have any wobbling. Would highly recommend this to others.

  • Victor Romero - Awsome but with one con

    This is an awsome ball, feels great to the touch, the set up becomes much easier for real I don't know how but it does, the serves get much more effect but the only thing I found not good about this ball is that beginers do not like to use it because when you are on the receiving side, the ball hurts a bit if you are not a very active player. It is soft but when receiving a spike some how it still feels hard and a bit heavy.

  • Hopelessly Caffeinated in Phoenix - Manufacturer Does NOT Stand Behind Their Products

    I purchased this, used it a couple of times, then disposed of the ungainly box as all seemed to be well and the box is rather sizable. Unfortunately, mine proved to be defective. After only 6 uses and following the cleaning/maintenance directions to the T, my unit stopped working. After an exhaustive discourse with Haan, a rep approved a replacement as it was an equipment failure that would be covered by their warranty. However, Haan requires that you box it up yourself and pay to ship it back to them before they'll replace the unit. They will not supply you a box for shipping (which would be quite expensive for the consumer, given the unusual dimensions that would be required for the box) and will not supply a paid return label, even though the defect is with their product and not user error, as was confirmed over the phone. Haan does not stand behind their products and clearly uses inferior manufacturing and parts to assemble their creations. Though I initially loved the item (for the 6 uses I got out of it), I would strongly caution against using Haan products to anyone. A company that is unwilling to stand behind their products in today's economy is not a safe bet.