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  • me644 - So easy to use and really worked!!!

    I used this for the first time this morning. I am AMAZED!! After recieing the directions on how to get it to work before actually recieving I was very skeptical- but I can not believe how well and EASY it was to straighten my hair!! I have alot of fine curly, lately very fizzy hair and I usually carefully staighten it with a hair dryer brush and then a iron. Takes forever.....my hair is also almost to my waist when it is straight. I let my hair dry curly yesterday and today I just brushed it with this gadget and no frizz, just straight hair. Easier than pie!! I tried to put a little curve at the end...i dont like the perfectly straight look and it did. LOVE THIS GADGET!!!!

  • Stephen Clark - THE GOOD GUY WINS

    I have read a lot of good books, this one just might be the best. It is 1:10 A.M because I could not stop reading until I finished this book. Scott Pratt is the best. I cannot wait to read all of his books.

  • K. Mullen - Not for me

    I bought a trial of the Thrive Experience (capsules, shake, patches) from a promoter, who is a friend. I do drink coffee (1-2 cups a day), and am sensitive to certain supplements and caffeine. The first day I quit coffee entirely and yet felt anxious, had headache, stomach ache, back ache, and was told my symptoms were detoxing from coffee. I continued to a 2nd day and did not feel any better. I had to stop the trial because I felt the side effects outweighed the benefits. I was told after the first week I'd feel amazing, but the truth is I don't want to be "hooked" on a supplement, and furthermore on one so expensive. I read other reviews and heard the withdrawal coming off these pills are the same as going on. An 8-week experience often turns into months on end, and the expense creates incentive to become a promoter. The cycle never ends.

  • Lindsey04 - Exactly what I needed!

    I would definitely recommend this product! It did exactly what it said it would do and I feel great! I lost 3 pounds but I wasn't looking for the weight loss I was looking for the health benefits and it sure did work! I will most certainly be using this again next year :) It was easy and the price was well worth it!!

  • B. Rousseau - Disappointing performance when running.

    I bought this product to replace my Plantronics BackBeat whose batteries died after 18 months. After reading many reviews I felt confident that these headphones would be a great buy. They are not ... for me.

  • Amazon Customer - This product works.

    A friend recommended this product to me...several times before I tried it. I'd had a runny nose before starting it. Less than 3 days later I felt great. This is going to be a repeat buy for me.

  • awblazek - Not impressed

    I was not impressed with this at all. All it is is a large poster like calendar that has bubblewrap attached to it. It is not a good design mainly because all the months run together there is no separation at all. I had received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself will not use it but will give it to my granddaughter she may have fun with it so that's why I'm giving it a three star. This item really needs to be re-designed and when it is it could be a great product but right now it is not.