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  • R.E. Burke - Leaves an annoying residue

    I've used this for the past year to help control an emergent roach problem in an apartment. My main defense was the use of boric acid crystals under the stove and refrigerator. These are places that roaches like to nest, so I was hitting them in their homes. I used this gel in more open spots like the caulking between my counters and the walls.

  • LoriO - This might just be my new favorite facial cleaner!

    I've been using this Organic facial cleaner for a couple weeks now and I must say that I really do love it. It comes out tan colored and thick. I use two pumps when cleaning my face. To me, the scent is a citrus, lemon smell. I don't think it's too bad.

  • Rev. Ronald C. Moss - Fun galore. Keeps the kids busy, suspect adults will beg for their try at them also.

    Bought 3 for our grandchildren, for Christmas, and soon after opening they were outside playing, and keeping out of the adults hair (Whew, couldn't wait :-)) Worked great, goes great distance. Put each ones initial on theirs so they wouldn't mistake which one was theirs. Also bout the 100 pack of darts, and initialed those also as I divided them up between them.

  • Maryrose90 - Best Grinder Ever

    I go through a lot of coffee makers and grinders. Recently my latest grinder died so I was in the market for a new one. This grinder is by far the best grinder I have ever owned. Not only does it grind a perfect measure for a pot of coffee but also very quiet. My last grinder could of woken the dead which was particularly annoying at 6:00 am. Plus even though it had the pre-measured option for grinding beans, it was never consistent so ultimately I gave up and measured by scoop into the coffeemaker every morning. This one is always spot on.