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Miesto Renovacija - UAB "Miesto renovacija". Mūsų paslaugos - Inžinerinų sistemų projektavimas, Energinio naudingumo sertifikavimas, Daugiabučių renovacijos investicijų planai, Energijos vartojimo auditai, Matavimai ir Kitos Konsultacijos.

Country:, Europe, LT

City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Cap'n Stoob - An Excellent Sophomore Effort

    I always thought that Hu Flung Pu was a flash-in-the-pan author and that his "Brown Stains on the Wall" was just a combination of dumb luck, the heady, overly capitalistic climate of the 1980s and the expiration of several statutes on the books of Congress...I really dismissed him as a one-trick pony whose 15 minutes expired about the time slap bracelets and Hypercolor shirts were headed out to Africa in Goodwill charity boxes.

  • df magee - Not bad, Toppik, but let's be clear about a few things....

    So, if you're bothering to read reviews about anything like this in your ongoing battle with baldness, then let me be clear, right up front - the hair loss is winning the war. To terribly misquote Jim Morrison, "No hair gets out of here alive".... So, you're hoping against all odds that some miracle product will be a cheap, effective, undetectable cure-all in your fight against genetics or disease...well, the good news is THIS PRODUCT KIND OF WORKS. Let me be as transparent as the fine little hairs you're hoping will grow on your head - if you have some hair, but it's thinning pretty bad, this stuff will make it look fuller and hide some of the dreaded scalp showing through - however, if you plan on people getting really close to it, you can see the toppik on your scalp (at least, the dark colors show up if you're Caucasian or light skinned) - but this should work well for a job interview, a date in a restaurant, an acting/theatre gig, maybe even a family gathering - but if you plan on getting lucky and he/she not noticing the smudges on the pillow in the morning, you are out of luck....If battling hair loss is what you're up against, then Toppik is, metaphorically, another tool in the tool box. Use it with along with everything else - but use it in moderation. Too much and you're a powdered, bald donut.

  • william j link sr - Try it! What have you got to Lose???

    I have been an automotive technician for over 47 years. I don't believe in "snake oils", but I DO BELIEVE IN AT205!!! I am a Master Certified Tech. I know what works and what doesn't. This product is amazing and may be the most underrated product on the market! I cannot guarantee it will fix every leak, if there is a hole in a gasket or seal, it cannot fix that. This is a seal conditioner. It softens and restores the pliability of the seal to a nearly new condition. One example: A 10 year old high mileage Astro van with a horrible rear main oil seal leak, one of the worst I have ever seen. The bottom of the chassis was coated with oil from the engine to the rear bumper. I don't think there was a dry spot in-between. I have to admit that I had little hope of even helping this vehicle, but it was worth a try. Certainly easier than pulling the transmission to replace the seal, very costly for a high mileage vehicle. We cleaned the bottom of the vehicle. I was totally astounded when, at the next oil change, we found the bottom of the chassis bone dry! It was unbelievable! He had been adding several quarts of oil between changes and afterwards I know it was next to nothing, if anything at all.

  • Retired Math Person - Good Deal

    Delightful anthology. A very eclectic collection Easy to pick up for short or extended reads when I want a break from longer works.

  • Judy Walsh - amazing

    These mats are worth every penny! They fit perfectly right out of the box ,are easy to care for and look great.