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  • G. Beardsl - So far I am impressed with this smart plug. The pairing procedure was quick and easy

    This review is written after only one day of use. So far I am impressed with this smart plug. The pairing procedure was quick and easy. Linking the plug to my echo was equally simple. They turn things on and off, and have so far work flawlessly. If they turn out to be reliable, I would buy again. One note, I wanted to put the smart plug on a switched outlet for bedroom lamps, of course my plugs are 'upside down' in this outlets, and the smart plug covered the second outlet, which i needed. a short extension cord fixed the issue.

  • Jazzcat - Extend your wood's life

    A friend who's head of maintenance for several rental properties turned me on to this, and I found it simply amazing. Unlike other "orange" products that look good for maybe a day and then fade away, this dries to a hard, shiny finish that keeps looking great indefinitely. I shared it with a contractor friend who specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, and now he's sold on it too. Instead of demolishing and tossing his customers' old wooden cabinets, he gives them new life and donates them to charity (e.g. Habitat for Humanity). For just a little elbow grease and a few bucks, they're saved from the scrap heap.

  • JKB0076 - Glad to be Back!

    I switched to Bitdefender 2014 after being charged a high renewal fee by Kaspersky with it auto-renew feature. They charged me like $35 over what I could buy it from every retail store on the Planet. I emailed Kaspersky and asked them just to refund me the difference between what their auto-renewal system was charging me and what Amazon was charging. They wouldn't budge so I asked for a refund and decided to look elsewhere. Bitdefender 2014 was leading the reviews and it was also on sale so it won out. What a mistake! Slow boot times, tons of pauses with the internet, random PC freezes, and what I felt was a lousy clunky UI. So after a couple of months I bought KIS again and all is working well again.

  • Terrible Stroller - Worst Stroller EVER!

    I bought this lightweight stroller for my daughter. No matter how tightly she is strapped in, she can get out of the stroller... She can easily stand up in it and has tipped it over multiple times. She can literally stand up and walk while dragging the stroller... no 25 lb baby should be able to do that....This stroller is dangerous.

  • Victor F. Toledo - Sparks fly in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

    Suzanne has done it again by writing a comprehensive, exciting and useful guide. It's great to have the knowledge of things to come and be able to take advantage of every moment.

  • Kristen - A little too fast...

    It's very fast, much faster than the previous games. It's also a little bit harder to follow because the effects have them going through different screens and walking around-- it's not really my favorite. You should probably rent at Redbox before buying.