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  • JKRV - I am not liking this at all

    I wanted something to organize my recipes and I wanted to be able to scan my recipes that I already have written out so that I do not have to retype everything. It is so hard to do and forget about getting support or contacting this company. I wish I had not wasted 35 dollars.

  • Ralph - Great pan.

    Jeff Rogers recommended this pan. I watched his YouTube video with it and decided to try it. I am so glad I did. It is my go to pan now. I love cast iron but this has all of the advantages of CI and half the weight. It's really a work of art. As Jeff might say, it's stellar.

  • Bizzy and Max - Tools for a Professionally Manicured Lawn!

    This is a great set of garden shears. I have ten huge pecan trees on the lot where my home is located. There is always a tree that needs pruning because of the weight of the pecans on the limbs. This set is a perfect combo. The needle nose pair is great for just pruning leaves and the bushes I have around my home. They allow you to have a yard that looks like it is professionally groomed. The larger pair is perfect for cutting limbs off. It cuts them smoothly and easily because the blade is durable and sharp. I love the silicone grips on the tools because they keep my hands in place and allow me to get a comfortable grip to do an effective job. The tools are made of quality stainless steel and will last a lifetime. The springs on the devices provide the perfect amount of tension and allow you to make a smooth, effortless motion to accomplish what needs to be done. These would be a great gift for anyone that likes a well groomed yard. They would be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. They really are exceptional quality and a great addition to my tool collection. I give them two thumbs up for sure!

  • jany - This is a great product. I use to get planter warts on ...

    This is a great product. I use to get planter warts on the bottom of my feet every winter but since using this product I believe I have gotten rid of them for good.Great product!

  • G. Chow - Works

    works fine and does clean up easily as long as you clean up while it is still wet. Dries a bit shiny.