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  • Glen Peters - very comfortable

    Excellent earpiece - this is my 4th one where the previous headsets I had were all mediocre either on battery level, call quality, comfort/mobility or max volume. Also looks like lots of Chinese bluetooth devices are simply subpar and cheaply made - considering I picked it at random from Amazon's bluetooth list I was quite lucky...

  • kristina1989 - way cheaper!!!

    This Lean 1 meal replacement does taste really sweet, but that also might be the added fruit sterols. Lean 1 does taste really good. TO ANY ONE WHO REALLY WANTS TO SAVE MONEY, BUY IT AT STOP&SHOP, FOR THE SALE PRICE OF $17.99. THE ORIGINAL PRICE IS $22.99. I JUST THOUGHT I'D HELP ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO SAVE!!!

  • C.J. Williams - Loved the flow of the book...

    This will be a biased review, because I can relate to the lead character in more ways than one. I'm happy E was able to find her balance of right and wrong. The writing flowed well, I only sped through a few passages that I felt had entirely too much detail. Overall, I really did enjoy this read and I was happy I picked this book up. It wasn't sent to me to read as an ARC, the description of it intrigued me. It's not often I praise the whole package, but I'm going to start with this book. Great job to the author & publisher. The cover, editing, and story was great and a book worth recommending. I would put a clap emoji here if I was confident that it showed up.

  • gonewest45 - natural guarana

    These help keep me energized, I take one a day, and with only one cup of coffee, I'm good for the entire day, would recommend to others who need a little boost with no side effects,

  • Kelly Robison - Nice toothbrush

    Nice toothbrush. If you need to stop sooner than the 2 minutes, you have to push the button about 5 times to get it to the off position which is super annoying but otherwise I like it well enough and it seems to be holding up. Even though the bristles are softer, I usually tend to prefer the Xtech XHST-100 Oral Hygiene Ultra High Powered 40,000VPM that we have. I like that it has one switch for powering on and off and another switch for going through the settings.

  • SpartansUT - Goodbye Acne

    I recommend this product to every human. Goodbye Acne. Goodbye Proactiv and your terrible product that shifty famous people back up even though in reality Proactiv barley works and causes your eyebrows to become bleached over time.

  • nocos - It is fast, but does it really protect as well as the manufacturer claims?

    With Webroot, the average user is faced with one decision: whether to believe the praise and claims of the folks behind the program, or whether not to believe them. I remain a skeptic after using the program on two different machines for about 8-9 months. Webroot operates differently from conventional antivirus programs and, as a result, it usually fails most protection tests because it allows a significant number of threats to enter a system (due to the fact that it has no extensive database of malware signatures and is dedicated to using a cloud instead). Webroot claims that the program supposedly monitors what the "nasties" do and blocks them once they start getting "nasty." A number of users might be, and should be, concerned if allowing malware to enter the system is seen as the right approach. The number of those growing skeptical should be greater once we notice how half of the time, the Webroot folks who read the reviews of their product, post answers that begin with a bragging claim of how "awesome" their product is and what "awesomeness" it adds to our browsing experience. To be honest, I care little about "awesome." I want "safe" and "secure." What the word "awesome" conceals, HOWEVER, is the fact that so far, Webroot can reclaim only one bragging right: an awesome scanning speed and lack of impact on system resources. Are you really protected by this quick and light program, though?