:: Melly Construction S.A :: Sierre et Anniviers en Valais, bâtiment génie civil, gravière, bâtiment - Accueil-news - En Valais, à Sierre et à Anniviers, la société Melly Construction SA est essentiellement active dans le secteur du bâtiment et du génie civil. N'appartenant à aucun groupe d'entreprises, elle travaille en toute indépendance.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • PTodd - So Happy I Purchased!!

    I am truly amazed by this product! I was skeptical but being almost 60 I wanted to get back on track and was willing to try. Women of our age tend to gather weight in the mid section and I was wanting to firm it up. I use daily and have never felt any discomfort or soreness ever. I saw changes in just 5 weeks I used it! My job has me traveling weekly and I pack it with me and do my emails while wearing it. I can't say enough. The 20 minutes of aerobics I was doing did nothing for my mid section but with the belt I see definition already. I am so pleased that I added this to my exercise regime!

  • "Bad" Idea - A new lease on life

    For years i had wondered what little Jim (because you go there for a work out) would look like with a new and stylish hair cut. Stephan, my hair dresser, has always recommended that I get my eye brows waxed as he claims it would open up my eyes and remove 10 to 15 pounds of hair from my brow, easing strain on my neck and preventing scratching my corneas prematurely.

  • Ana Morozoff - If wrists needed couches, I'd want one made of this stuff ~

    NOTE: THE MAT I RECEIVED DOES NOT HAVE RIDGES AS PICTURED. IT IS SIMPLY SQUISHY AND FLAT, WITH A THICKER EDGE. But this fact isn't a game changer, more a shame-on-you for the seller post. This mat is pretty fabulous. It is cheap, and even though it isn't personalized with a personal mantra or a beach photo, it is so comfortable! My mouse lives on the corner of my desk in a perpetual loop of being knocked to the floor. This mat is large and oblong enough to rest on the corner edge firmly. This way, I end up resting my wrist on the thick edge of the mat in the most comfortable fashion, with the foam molding to the corner. The slant on the cusion even helps it stay oriented to my screen. Occasionally in my marathon chrysilis, I lean in awkward positions; this mat is a perfect elbow cushion. Plus, it arrived on Black Friday when I purchased a bunch of new PC games, thus the commendable rating.