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  • Jonas Koester - Best diaper cream you can get

    The best out there... I've tried them all, my son's skin is soooo sensitive and this stuff is gentle. In 3 hrs I saw an immediate difference. Bonus... It smells great and soften's my own hands!

  • Belita - Maybe 3lbs, definitely not 10

    The product is really sweet-almost syrupy- so if that's not your thing you may have trouble swallowing it. I was hungry the whole time because this does not fill you up. I would advise against exercising since you're only taking in 400 calories a day. This is definitely not a long term solution, and the claim to lose 10lb in 2 days is perhaps true for anyone at least 100lb over weight.

  • DonB - Big disappointment

    I have used Hallmark Card Studio software for several years but from the day I bought the 2011 version, it has given me nothing but problems. It seems to have some kooky bug(s) that cause some text and images to randomly disappear when you bring a card back in to edit it, even after you have designed and saved it. As you go through its various features, the program crashes on a regular basis after displaying a message about encountering a problem. I contacted HCS about the problem and they told me that there could be some software running in the background causing the problem. Is that my problem? - I have plenty of application software that runs with active background programs but they still function properly. What am I supposed to do, shut off all background programs to accomodate HCS's 2011? There are other smaller issues that I find annoying like not displaying the title of the card on the highlighter like 2010 did so you always know what card you are working on. It makes it very easy to overwrite a previously designed card that you are trying to personalize for a new design. They also have removed 2010's ability to add a border around an image although I must admit, I've had my share of problems with that program feature in the 2010 version. I also use Greeting Card Factory software and with HCS's 2010 version, I could drop clip art into Hallmark from Factory using just a copy and paste procedure. With the 2011 version, I get some kind of message about vector images or something and so I am forced to export the Factory clip art image to My Pictures folder and then re-import it into Hallmark. There's no point in going on and on about all the shortcomings of the HCS 2011 software. Suffice it to say that I became so frustrated that I tried to return it but I was told I was beyond the 30 day return period. Bottom line - this software needs a huge patch.

  • gknobbe - very well done

    As always Eric has done a great job of explaining the methods and procedures of Civil 3d, this is a great book for the biginner as well as can be used as a quick referance guide. Thanks for being one of many that is willing to show others the way.

  • Jerrye Smith - Small Book

    I didn't read all the fine print and did not realize how small the book was. For the price I should have realized something was off!

  • Sharon Canterbury - Idol lash

    No changes in lashes, however the container was useful. Washed out, air dried, filled with Latisse. Excellent applicator. So basically I bought a $30

  • Jen M - Love my hydrated smooth skin!!

    I love this stuff, it leaves my skin soft and smooth! I love the hydration it gave my skin, I no longer feel like I need to moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower. I don't understand why people have an issue with taking it off. It is just like washing your face! I just wish it was a little cheaper!