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  • Lady Aggie - Mineral/Canola Oil Goop - Not the Shea Butter leave-in I used to love! Please bring the old formula back!

    Please beware all customers who buy this product. The formulation has changed for the worse and if you look at all the reviews about this product, you will notice that they are pretty negative after 2012 when the formula changed. It has mineral oil in it and that ingredient dries out hair our fiercely. Plus, the shea butter is no longer at the top of the list after water, canola oil is. They should rename it canola oil leave-in conditioning cream. This is so wrong - to have had a product that you love so much and now hate it because the company decides to sell their customers watered down goop.

  • TheCFC - Wife Loves Them But Buy Them Here Only If You Hate Money

    My wife loves these. Every few months I have to buy some for her on line. I check prices, of course, and this same box is at drugstoredotcom for $9.49. Same number of applications per box but 1/3 the price.

  • Philip Patrick - Boring

    It was 2 days of boring play. After that I couldn't give the game more time and asked 7 years son-in-law to try it out. The ability to customize your character caught his attention for about 1 hour, then the game itself for additional 2-3 hours and then he asked "what else?" - the question I've been asking myself several times. For a game that was waited for many years, this is a total failure of Will Wright. I mean, how the creator of SimCity and Sims could get to such low-level boring game without visible AI - computer player is predictable and is not fun at all.

  • sue venezia - Took it to a shop and he said just buy a known name like galaxy or Apple

    Well I bought this brand new from Campus111 on EBay. It lasted 2 months then the little plug to recharge stopped working.

  • brena rdz - I have heard that acetone is bad and toxic and cause cancer even when used regularly ...

    Overly pricey fo rwhat it is... it is basically a barrier of glue.. that you can get with any other cheaper maske, Also I am conserned about puting those toxins on my face... I have heard that acetone is bad and toxic and cause cancer even when used regularly to remove nail polish... so I can imagine what this can do in this amount daily on my face... I have used the masque and see no diference whatsoever... I think it is this overly priced because of all the gifts and money an convention trips the company has to pay fo rhte people tha promote it and sell it... not woth it.. it is probably a over the counter 7 dollar cream... but they are selling it as if it were "la mere" to pay all the distributors... dont waste your money there are better products and cheaper also...