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  • K. Mullen - Not for me

    I bought a trial of the Thrive Experience (capsules, shake, patches) from a promoter, who is a friend. I do drink coffee (1-2 cups a day), and am sensitive to certain supplements and caffeine. The first day I quit coffee entirely and yet felt anxious, had headache, stomach ache, back ache, and was told my symptoms were detoxing from coffee. I continued to a 2nd day and did not feel any better. I had to stop the trial because I felt the side effects outweighed the benefits. I was told after the first week I'd feel amazing, but the truth is I don't want to be "hooked" on a supplement, and furthermore on one so expensive. I read other reviews and heard the withdrawal coming off these pills are the same as going on. An 8-week experience often turns into months on end, and the expense creates incentive to become a promoter. The cycle never ends.

  • Katie - Great prep book - better than older version

    I have both the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Kaplan book, and while there are not HUGE differences, there are some. First, the PCAT format changed slightly starting July 2014, which isn't huge but the updated format is reflected here. Secondly, the organization of topics in this book seems slightly more logical to me than the older version.