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    BEST software book EVER, and I've bought quite a few. After only one reading (and doing the exercises from the CD) I was able to generate pivot tables that were useful to my work. Been doing pivot tables ever since. Also very helpful with all the advanced Excel features that I never took the time to learn (or was using badly, such as making charts. Get this version, which has practice spreadsheets along with a PDF version of the book that you can load on your laptop.

  • Matthew Sorenson - Couldn't have been easier

    I was pushed into replacing Time Warner's cable modem because they wanted to charge me a monthly rental fee. This was one of their recommended modems particularly for people who have their faster packages. I measured my speed using speed test many times. I was getting between 10 and 25 Mbps.

  • Lillian F. - Best reference book for any user level

    Great reference book!!! The Best for looking up questions or doubt's....excel always has tricks that are useful for any level of excel users and this is the best book I've had for constant consulting and referencing


    Oh...My....God..... This was just awful. 158 Minutes of painful acting and completely unlikeable characters. I have to also mention to Mr. Emmerich that he put just a tad too many cliffhangers into the movie. I mean, come on. This one stupid #$$ family avoids how many giant fissures and fireballs that it kind of got a little annoying that he was making these flying leaps across gorges in a limo AND an RV. Come on! Yes, it worked in SPEED, but it only happened once in SPEED. It was every three &#$%ing seconds in this farce. The reactions by the actors/actresses were also just horrible. Around 95% of the earths population was just violently killed and the remaining 5% of the people are cheering for the life of one man who didn't drown. Yay, all my relatives and friends are dead, but this guy didnt drown. COME ON!!!!! WTF!!!! Absolute garbage. They also end the movie, and I mean the last &#$%ing line of the movie, with a memorable quote about bedwetting. Yes bedwetting ends this 158 minute vomit fest. If you are looking for cringe inducing action scenes involving Limos, RVs and airplanes evading every gigantic piece of thundering fireballs and crumbling skyscrapers AND you like to gag while viewing sappy dialogue about stepfathers and world peace. Then by all means rent or buy this barrel of $#1%.