Medical Health Clinics / Services operated by medical doctors, clinical nurse specialists, professional rehab professionals e.g. physiotherapists/physical-therapists, psychologists, in and outside of hospitals treat people from infants to elderly and beyond the grave in hospice services and related life style / estate planning professionals - Sample collection of exemplars of medical clinical treatment clinics and information about health subjects from around the world by volunteer group of collaborators with backgrounds in nursing, western and eastern medicine, physio therapists, and illustrators

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  • Lynn R. Baker - Just like other posts I have read

    "Just what the Dr. ordered". There are two tabs you have to remove on the top to make it fit a Ranger pickup. Just like other posts I have read. I used all the brackets for my radio except the front bezel.

  • Lia Livingstone - Is this book a joke?

    Never in my life have I read such hateful nonsensical drivel.Is he actually serious? Mr Bernardi needs to get out of politics and go work in Oxford Street in Sydney.There he will see love on every corner.He is the type of crazy right wing loon that will send our country back to the 1930's.What a horrible man!!