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  • Kerns Family - Easy Squeezy!

    I ordered the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance for my kitchen. I really like freshly ground black pepper in my kitchen. This grinder is very nice! Once filled, you simply squeeze the handle like side and it grinds! No more twisting with one hand while holding the bottle with your other! It is a little loud while grinding which doesn't bother me at all personally. The Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance works just as you would expect! I'm excited to purchase another for sea salt!

  • Chijioke - Trash

    Tried to give it half a star , complete waste of money, it only worked once, invest in a good pair, this is completely useless after very light usage.DONT BUY!

  • ShadowKat - Good support

    I purchased and have been using this item along with the Handstands 59207 Memory Foam Standard Wrist Rest-Black for the past two months now to use at work because of wrist issues. I have to say that since shortly after I began using them I have not had the daily wrist pain that I was dealing with, while I'm not a medical professional, I can only say that they certainly worked wonders for my wrist problems!

  • Angel-Eyez - Absolutely terrifying TRUE STORIES of paranormal activity, attacks, possessions, etc. If you're into all this stuff, watch this

    This series is great!! Season 5 has started good... chilling, eerie, make-you-jump-out-of- your-pants kinda stuff!! If you're into this paranormal stuff, I definitely recommend this one, and the fact that each story is true makes it even more terrifying!! I'm 35 and after seeing some of the episodes, I couldn't sleep without the lights on. Check out the episodes entitled "ZoZo", "Suzy Doll", "The real Conjuring", and "The real haunting in Connecticut"... THEY ARE ALL GREAT, THOUGH!! Not good for children AT ALL!!!!!