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  • Young Professional - love it, until the single serve cup gets stuck -- found solution

    have only used the single serve cup so far, haven't cracked open the actual blender, but the single serve cup for sure beats my $16 hamilton single serve blender. for one, it's much easier to clean, since the blade is attached to the cup cap (although you have to be careful cleaning, as it's possible to cut yourself, which i just did). now, the BIG complaint is that after a couple of uses, the single serve cup got stuck in the base after blending. couldn't pull it off the base no matter how hard i tried. after half an hour of twisting and turning, i realized there's a small latch that makes the "click" sound when you snap the cup in. for some reason it wasn't going down in order for the cup to turn and get out of the base. so i used a thin pair of scissors to push the latch down, just enough so i could twist the cup over it and get the cup out. i'm guessing this will likely happen again, as it's a common complaint for single serve cup type blenders.

  • Nicholas Pardon - It's time to shave!

    I live by this product. At this price you can't beat it to order from Amazon. If you ever have a 'rough' time shaving then this is for you. Amazon also carries the 4 step starter kit which I definitely recommend for first time Art of Shaving users.