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  • Yeschef - Not a MMO so why one 'account'?

    Personally, I don't really care about the DRM restrictions. I dont resell my games and I have one computer so the number of installs doesnt really bother me, but WHOOOPS.... now I discover I cant have multiple players on the same 'account'. So now my wife and I have to choose WHO will get to play Spore, not simply for an evening but EVER since multiple 'players' are not allowed.

  • coldmountain - Evolution Compact

    We replaced a 1/2 hp Badger 5 with this Evolution Compact and the noise and vibration is almost non-existent now. This is a very well made garbage disposal and it is more than powerful enough for our needs. It is well worth the extra cost and I highly recommend this product.

  • Erin Hansen - Best tasting protein powder I've had

    Best tasting protein powder I've had. I wish it did not contain Sucralose. I feel the 0g sugar is a bit misleading. I usually read labels, but did not before I purchased this. Still for great taste I think I'll continue to buy.

  • Happy Mama - I wasn't happy with this..

    So my natural hair is a medium brown, but decided to be like the teenager I am, and I dyed my hair black.I loved the color, but it was just not working with my skin tone. I then bought some Feria hair dye for dark hair, but it barely lightened my hair. I had contemplated on bleaching highlights in my hair, to lighten it up a bit, but then chose Color Oops. I did a strand test, and it really looked like I had finally found a product that would lighten my hair, with less damaging affects. Only thing was that the smell was extremely nauseating. I had to breathe through only my mouth while applying the product so i would not throw up; it was that treacherous. I spent the 20 minutes running outside, (it was a hot day, so I still was able to stay in warm air) just to escape the smell. Once the 20 mins were up, i washed out the Color Oops, and for sure the black hair was gone. I was amazed, and honestly, the color I now had, I kind of liked. It wasn't too brassy, and it was a nice light brown/ dark blonde. But the next morning, after I took a shower, I went to go do my hair, and the color had turned out to be dark brown. The product had not improved anything, AND the smell was still there! I had a concert this day, and once Sean Kingston stepped on stage, everyone began jumping, and this girl behind me in the crowd said "Woah someone needs to take a shower, it smells gross!" It's now been a few days since using Color Oops and my hair still smells disgusting, and I'm redying my hair; but of course a lighter shade than the one I want. For anyone using this product, it will lighten your hair, I'm not sure how much, but there will definitely be a difference. Be prepared for the smell, and the damage is nothing a good conditioner can't fix. Good Luck.