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  • Lynn B. - The whole Family loves Sleepytime tea.

    Everyone in our family drinks this tea. My teenage daughters drink a cup at night. I always add a bag or two to my ice-tea blend, when I make ice-tea in the summer. A little honey with it is great.

  • Oxman - Good drink cup, not so much as thermos carrying purposes

    I was hoping the opening would be spill proof. Unfortunately, it's not, so it can leak if tipped over. Otherwise, ok. The metal straw, as many have noted, is useless for hot drinks, since it's TOO hot to sip. Good for cold drinks though. Will keep liquids warm/cold, but only 3-4hours, in my experience. I do like the fact that the opening is big enough for my hands to scrub properly instead of using wire brushes.

  • LizzyLiz - Halitosis suffer's dream

    I tried this mouthwash and really liked it, although I definitely can't give it a 5 star rating because it doesn't prevent morning breath like it says it will on the bottle. At least not for me anyways (I have halitosis). I used it at night and had exactly the same bad morning breath as always. BUT on a positive note I do feel that it did something extra for me that other mouthwashes didn't do, which is neutralize the bad breath instead of just masking it. Ohh and btw, it will get rid of garlic breath instantly! I use it twice a day and then at night I usually just use regular listerine mouth wash because it's cheaper. I can't say that the effect of Therabreath lasts all day because if you eat something you may still feel the need to pop a mint/gum etc. Unless your eating something really bland. Over all tho this is an amazing product. It will keep your breath wayyyy fresher than any other mouthwash out there. My breath stays fresh for hours! I haven't tried any of the other prodcuts like breathrx or anything like that. I have been wanting to try them all out for the heck of it. Ohh and btw I tried the Therabreath toothpaste and hated it. Tastes horrible (like the gel on crest whitening strips! weird!) and made my teeth very sensitive.