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  • Molly G. - GREAT cookbook

    I LOVE this cookbook! I've always been a fan of the Skinnytaste website and this book is an excellent addition. There's so many new recipes - I've bookmarked TONS to make ASAP. Thank you Gina for showing that healthy food doesn't have to be boring OR take forever. I cannot wait to cook through this cookbook.

  • Elizabeth Miller - Amazing Product! Love it!

    First let me start with I have very sensitive skin, in the winter it's worse with acne caused from dry skin- scrubs and masks with scrubs in them leave my skin irritated and bumpy, usually resulting in more acne breakouts by the following morning. I just used the Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask for the first time last night. AWESOME!!!!!! My skin was not red and or bumpy after removing the mask, it felt hydrated which is quite an acheivement for my skin in the winter. Also I beleive the mask gently removed some of my dry skin- huge bonus for me. This morning I woke up to no additional acne breakouts and my skin was still hydrated. I did follow up with a night time moisturizer about ten minutes after I removed the mask. I cannot wait to use it again next week- directions say use once a week. I am so grateful to have found a product that does not irritate my skin. It's a keeper! Love it!

  • Amazon Customer - is super very easy if you know how to get it ...

    is super very easy if you know how to get it on the right way, it took me 3 minutes to complete the installation, It has kept my screen scratch free. and a course clean.

  • mmullis - It works

    I quit my accountant last year because of the time involved rounding up all the data he required, and because of the money spent paying for his time. I keep track of my receipts and tax documents, then enter the numbers into TurboTax. I now spend less time and less money doing my taxes, and get great results. I use this for my S Corp 1120S and K-1s.

  • WiseTravels47 - Cozmo - your chance to own the first pass at the future of interactive 'bots

    So far I'm impressed - Cozmo is not just a "toy"...he is a plastic and metal "being" bursting with personality unlike any interactive device that I've ever experienced. The future is promising to say the least. While he's not perfect, Anki appears to be heavily engaged to make sure he continues to develop and lives up to the hype.