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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Beef5718 - Too real

    I used to love reading Dilbert. Then I started working in the business world and I quickly discovered how accurate Scott Adams' comics really are. The truth will terrify you.

  • Amanda - Awesome

    After watching the video (hilarious) we had to give this a try. It really does work!! You won't be disappointed :-)

  • Alan J. - Works great. Had a power outage recently and it kept ...

    Had this for a couple of months now. Works great. Had a power outage recently and it kept the power on without blinking. With my 55" LED TV, Surround Sound System, and the Comcast DVR box hooked up, I can watch TV for about 35 minutes if need be, and the cable box alone would last for 6 hours in case I wanted to record something while the power was out.Lots of outlets for whatever you need in your entertainment center.

  • chrissyy28 - this company sucks

    I ordered this game for my son,he was looking forward to it soo much.When it arrived it did not work,I took it to the local game store to get it buffed and was told that it had a "perfect ring" and it would never work.The guy was shocked that anyone had sold this to me.When I contacted the company they said they would put my money back on my debit card if I sent game back.I did just that,it has now been about five months and I have not received not one penny of my money back.I will never do buisness with them again,and I tell all my friends who are die heart amazon users to stay far away from this company.

  • Momofmany - Nice caldendar, just arrived with alot of bubbles popped.

    I'm a busy stay at home/homeschooling mom of eight little ones all under age nine. I'm always looking for fun and new things for them for schooling. When I came across this I figured it would be a fun way to teach calendar lessons, so I of course ordered it. Upon arrival I was very surprised by the size of it. It is actually a decent size and can easily be placed on any wall. Its large enough that you can see the days pretty clearly. All the months are written on the sides and are easily read. However I wish they would have spaced the months because it all just flows together from month to month. We also had a little disappointment. As when it arrives a lot of the bubbles were already popped. It seemed to have been shipped well, I think it may have been from the manufacturer. The kids were still interested in it, and we just simply skip the day if its already popped. I also like that it has some holidays with pictures on it, the kids seem to really enjoy that. Overall its a very nice calendar and it does make a nice addition to the beginning of school time. They love taking turns "popping" the day. I only wish it wouldn't have had so many bubbles popped upon arrival. I'm pretty happy with my purchase and would likely recommend it my family and friends. Hopefully we received a "bad apple" and everyone else's will have all the bubbles unpopped.

  • Jckay - Excellent pillow cover

    I bought one of these and liked it so much I bought another for our other set of couches. I got the light gray, color is pretty, fabric is very soft, and the texture is great for a solid color cover. I bought a few pillow covers at the same time (all under $10) and some of the stitchings ripped a little or zippers popped a bit squeezing the pillows in but the Home Brilliant pillow cover was sturdily made. I'm very pleased with this cover!

  • Amy Dru - Great socks but run large

    I wear Vibrams to run in and I wanted some compression socks that I could wear while running. I couldn't find any compression "toe" socks at my local stores. I found these on Amazon and ordered them. They fit larger than other compression socks (I have some to wear for recovery that are not toe socks), so I found that these did not provide the compression that I needed. Fortunately, my husband also runs in Vibrams and these fit him perfectly. He loves them! I think they are great socks as long as you order a size smaller than what you think you need!