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  • Joaquin Turcios - Since we are a pretty big family it was nice to have a bit ...

    While I did attach this tray cargo roof carrier on my van I had originally thought that it would have been a bit smaller, but to my surprise I was able to fill it up with all of our luggage that we needed for our weekend stay at Grandma's house. Since we are a pretty big family it was nice to have a bit more leg room inside the car. Even though I had previously purchased a cargo roof carrier it was smaller in size and I wouldn't be able to put half of the stuff I put in this cargo roof carrier. The material used to create it is very durable so even while it was a bit stormy on our way over to Grandma's house our stuff inside was alright and the straps that were used to tie it securely to the car were holding up nicely. To the side of the bag you can see the logo and the zipper on the bag worked okay and I was able to use it normally. I did, however, decide to use some of my own straps on top of the ones included just to make sure that it was properly latched on the roof and wasn't going to fall off on the side of the road somewhere. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

  • gamer - Glide along smooth paved roads

    This is a very good bike. I am a casual biker. After a lot of research and trying some bikes in stores, I decided to go with this Bike. The bike is not that heavy weight and runs smoothly on paved roads. The bike is true to Hybrid definition ... runs smoother than a mountain bike on good roads with very little efforts. I got 

  • travis rill - Quality phone

    Hi ive had this phone for about a year now tho I didnt buy from here I bought It from a store. This is definitely a good phone one draw back that this phone has I think would it can be slow at times including when powering on. It is a little thick too.

  • roy rizkovsky - Won't Install in 64 bit Windows 7 pro laptop, ...

    Won't Install in 64 bit Windows 7 pro laptop, It keeps telling me I need a windows program, I reloaded my earlier SA USA 2011 version went in with no issues, however I managed to load the 2015 version it in to my smaller windows 8 computer.