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  • Ohio Guy - Good product, deceptive ad

    I've used Norton products for years and love them. However, I feel I was taken advantage of this time. Ok, i admit that I should have read the fine print but in all the years I have bought from Norton, they have NEVER sold a 6 month license. This was sneaky and deceptive and will likely cause me to switch to another company when this expires, one who doesn't have to trick role into buying their product.

  • Donald E. Lee - Thank you Phil

    One of the best use a drum kit ever and a solo voice EVER. I bought this because I heard the remake by Saint Anistiona from sirius radio and had to have it listen to it 8 times in a row. When I feel empowered this is a gop to song.

  • Owen Roeder - 'Advanced'? you might want to check on that . . .

    Really? This is a poor example of a rescue simulator. I've seen BEGINNER programmers code better sims than this. The ambulance fails to respond to my commands, and when I tried all of the steering options (buttons, steering wheel, tilt) the game glitches and the ambulance keeps turning even after I release the turn. However, this is a great start for a potentially great game.