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  • Firepixey - My kiddo loves them.

    I am so glad to have found these gummies. My son loves them which means i love them. I am so glad to have something like this to help his immune system along. Thank you for such a quick shipment.

  • Amy S. - I ordered this for my 18 year old daughter who ...

    I ordered this for my 18 year old daughter who gets anxious at times. She said when she was feeling anxiety and stress she would take this first thing in the morning and it seemed to really help relax her throughout the day. She has tried one other herbal supplement that she didn't feel really helped at all so we will definitely reorder this.

  • Elaine - Excellent travel book

    Excellent resource & a very helpful guide while traveling. Also many recommendations for tours, restaurants, shopping, etc. Very helpful descriptions & explanations while touring museums, churches & other various attractions

  • Justine - Best experience on a period

    Best protection available. Originally I bought it because I wanted to have sex while on my period and I'm SO HAPPY I bought these. Honestly, putting the softcup in the first time will be difficult, ok? That's life and that's gonna happen. When I put it in the second time I knew what to do and felt better about how to place it in there. Lol it's odd getting it out but it's a huge load off my back rather than worrying about a pad or tampon leaking. Warning however: when having sex, make sure your man doesn't push it too far up your walls. This happened the last time I was on my period, and it took me a little longer to pull out the softcup because of its placement. It's an easy fix though, as long as you take deep breaths and relax your body, then push out, it can come out quite easily though you may think it's stuck hahaha.

  • louvejita - My favorite to date

    The saga continues on this third book of the Journeyman Series. The great demon Dajjal is now among the humans, the Order is trying to form alliances with monsters and creatures of the night alike to fight the Noctis and the Elves are on the verge of war over one of the Solomon Six.