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  • J. Dillon - Not as simple as it may appear

    Sure it scans but than you are supposed to file it under this incredibly detailed organizational proprietary filing system software. It takes a lot of time. The documents are very large and I have not found it easy to find and retrieve files. Overall just very frustrating and way too much money for what you get.

  • Beej27 - The biggest complaint I have aside for releases that have not been tested and seem more like beta versions than versions that sh

    I've been using NOF since version 1. I've limped along with all sort of issues and I'm sitting and holding on NOF 11. At that time of their first released, it surpassed Front Page. The biggest complaint I have aside for releases that have not been tested and seem more like beta versions than versions that should be sold, is the LACK OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT! When you have a buggy program, the very least a company should do is provide phone support. Their email support does NOT accommodate the needs of a small business that requires same day service. It takes days even WEEKS to get a response from their email support and most frustrating is often time, they ask you a question that you've already addressed and then it takes WEEKS to them to respond to the issues with the dream a resolution exists. I have a copy of NOF 13 but I am nervous about migrating my current websites to it for fear I'll spend weeks doing of working around the bugs and not getting appropriate level of technical support. The learning curve is less daunting than the LACK OF SUPPORT!!! I even wrote their CEO through Facebook and he never responded. He doesn't strike me as a CEO that cares about anything more than pumping out new versions with the hope customers don't care how functional it is. He needs to care about his customers who rely on his program and expect he care about supporting his products.

  • theitguy - Great Zero Gravity Chairs

    This review is for Best Choice Products® Zero Gravity Chairs. Very comfortable, easy to setup, comfortable head cushion and the cup holder is great. Yes, the friction knobs do not work as well as other similar type chairs. But I find it to be a small inconvenience. I routinely fall asleep comfortably in these chairs.

  • Matt - Got it as a joke ... but use it all the time.

    OK so I'm not the hairy dude that would maybe be the ideal user of this product. That's my disclaimer. I'm not going to claim that this shaver turned me from a wookie to a regular dude. That said, hair does grow on my back and every so often I want to get rid of said hair. I made a comment to my brother that I should invent a shaver on a stick to shave my back hair and he gave me one of these for my birthday almost as a joke.

  • msfnly - Gods gift to us all...

    This oil is everything it was said to be.. It was recommended by two holistic practitioners that had spoke in my class...I researched it further and have been taking it now for about 8 months.. My cholestrol dropped from 246 to 222 the first month and a half. I'm due to get it checked again and can't wait to see my new numbers. I haven't had a menstrual cramp since I started taking this oil. Took it on a cruise just in case someone got sick and low and behold three of us started getting queezy so I went to the cabin and took the oil and not ten minutes later I was fine.. Same happened for my family. I bruise very easily and when I do get one now it only last for three or four days instead of a couple of weeks. Took care of my husband's lactose intolerance stomache in minutes, he was amazed and sold on it and started ordering his own bottles... It has also brought about balance to my out of wack hormone problems seeing that I'm in perimenapause... No more night sweats and I'm back to being able to sleep at night again..And it also keeps me regular..ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OIL!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE

  • D. Twum - Great tasting tea, very helpful for milk supply

    I looked at this tea and several others, and actually tried another brand of loose leaf tea before finding this one. After reading all the reviews and comparisons, I decided to bite the bullet and just get this tea. I was quite worried about people's comments concerning the taste, but I figured I'd do what I must in order to keep breastfeeding my son. To my surprise, the tea was actually pretty tasteless compared to the loose leaf nursing tea I was drinking before. And, I think it definitely boosted my milk production. I don't know whether it's the herbs or the increased intake in fluids, but I definitely started pumping 8-10oz per pumping session, which was more than enough for my child. At some point I reduced my intake because I seemed to be overproducing milk and could feed my baby and freeze 12oz each day. When my production dropped a bit, I'd start back up on the tea, drinking a cup after each pumping session. I finished my six boxes pretty quickly and ordered another one two weeks ago.

  • bozo - Nice antenna!

    This looks much better than the abortion ford put on the new stangs. This stubby fits well and is easy to install. Highly recommended. There was some writing on the base of the antenna that I didn't want on my car, so I called the company and they sent me one without the etching.