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Level 1 Diagnostics - Level 1 Diagnostics is based on Dr. Steven Helschien’s dedication to preventive medicine and his theory that most of medicine is set up so that health professionals are like life guards and try to save patients who are drowning, rather than teaching them to swim. His new Level 1 testing is the most comprehensive and earliest cardiovascular testing available. This is how it compares to the other three levels of testing.

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  • melody mcginn - Works well without weighing your hair down and making it difficult to style

    This stuff really works well. I got a much larger bottle than I was expecting. I had previously bought this product in a much smaller bottle at a higher price from a hair salon. I really liked it, so I thought I'd look on Amazon to see if it was cheaper. It doesn't make my hair SO soft that I can't do anything with it styling wise, but it gives it a nice texture and a bit of shine. I spray it in after I've washed my hair, and before I dry it. It really comes out pretty nice. A lot of leave in conditioners I've found sort of weigh your hair down and make it a bit greasy, and also make styling a bit difficult. This seems like a happy medium and I'm sticking with it.

  • JMpls - It'll give you nightmares!

    This is the scariest show on TV. If these people are faking it, they're darn good. They're usually sobbing, or otherwise clearly upset at telling their story of a haunting that they lived through.