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Levaquin and Its Side-Effects - If you are taking the Levaquin and still not aware with its serious side effects then, this guide will help you to find it out. Read this guide to know more about the Levaquin.

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  • SassyLou - We Will See

    I have been using it for 5 days and I have notice that I feel much better with a little more energy. I will be able to give it a better review after the 14 days of use.

  • Beverly - The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of ...

    I just finished my first week. Initially, I lost 8.5 lbs., but today it is only 5 lbs. The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of water just so I can drink them). Even though I am drinking upwards of 5 litres of water per day, in addition to taking Pure, I have found myself to be dreadfully constipated a few times (which is something completely foreign for me). The first two days I had horrible headaches and was extremely hungry. (I found the headaches to be odd since I don't drink coffee and have only 1 cup of tea per day. I did not experience any of these side effects when I was on the HCG diet.) I will finish the 30 days and then make a final decision, but if I were to decide today, I would continue a similar diet using other shakes and supplements. This is way too expensive for the minimal results I've seen.

  • Timothy J Harding - Satisfied this experienced rider.

    I rode this bike from CT to Montreal CA. Experienced cyclist needed a cheap replacement after being hit on my other bike. No significant mechanical issues. The bike is definitely an amazing starting level and even advanced level bike. However, unless you are a very experienced bike mechanic, you'll have hell assembling this bike out of the box. So allow your self either an entire afternoon leaning to assemble a bike from the ground up, or 60$+ to have a shop do it for you. Id also recommend upgrading the tires immediately. But overall I'm very impressed with hasa. Solid frame. Decent component package. Very very very worth the price. Better than anything else that I've ever heard of under $1000.

  • Pattie Jo - Sure looks great!! Installation was not too bad either

    Sure looks great!! Installation was not too bad either, appreciate they have the rubber protectors marked for you, makes for easier lining up. Thank you! -:)

  • Ray Staton - Super Infuser Bottle

    My infuser bottle arrived securely packaged and in perfect condition. The bottle is superbly made. It's evident that much craftmanship went into the fabrication of this bottle. The bottle feels good in the hand. It's not flimsy, and feels exactly the right weight. The bottle is easy to use, and does a great job of infusing the fruit flavors into the water. I put a little crushed ice in the bottom of mine for colder water. This is the perfect bottle for anyone who's interested in adding a bit of flavor to their water.

  • Troy martinez - Works great

    Everything works as expected works for my drone xk x380 fits gimble perfect. Video is awesome and easy to run.

  • Randall Fisher - Ok, eyebrows look the same.

    I've used this product now for almost 5 weeks and I can't say that the growth serum did a whole lot. I notice a few more fine hairs in the thinner parts of my brows but nothing that makes my eyebrows look thicker and nothing that showed up on a picture, thus no picture of the before and after because they look the same. The product was fairly easy to apply and recommended once a day. I initially put it on the areas that were the thinnest and after a week just hit the whole eyebrow. I did not have any irritation from this product and the scent is very light and not offensive. It is easy to apply but beware that it is more of a wand and not a brush to apply the serum. This makes it a little bit harder to get it on. I will keep on using it until the tube is empty. Maybe in the long run I will see more improvement and thicker eyebrows. Only time will tell.