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Accueil - Découvrir les bienfaits de l'Ayurvéda l'énergétique, Traditionnelle Chinoise, du Massage Thaï et de sa réflexologie plantaire.

  • http://les5mouvements.com/massage-et-soins/massage-et-soins-ayurvediques/l-ayurveda l'ayurveda - L'Ayurveda est cette «science de la vie» qui vise à améliorer la longévité et la qualité de la vie.
  • http://les5mouvements.com/massage-et-soins/massage-et-soins-thai/nuad-bo-rarn Nuad Bo-Rarn - Depuis des siècles, il existe une pratique thérapeutique fondée sur le Yoga, l'Ayurvéda et la Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise : le Nuad Bo-Rarn.
  • http://les5mouvements.com/massage-et-soins/medecine-chinoise/la-medecine-chinoise la Médecine chinoise - La médecine traditionnelle Chinoise comprend l’acupuncture, la diététique, le qi gong, la pharmacopée et le massage Tui Na.

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  • CANDIDA KASTEL - This is a must try product if you suffer from any sort of acne scarring!

    I have been testing out several New York Biology products lately and this is one of them. I am really impressed with their products and the results they deliver.

  • Pratt - Love it. Works. Over priced.

    While I'm certain reviews on this product are pretty subjective, I think it's great. Not perfect, but great. I'm a 35yo male. I specifically bought this to help me study for an exam. While I'm not certain it helped me do that, I definitely notice a difference. While studying, I feel like my mind is running overtime to the point I don't pay as much focus on what I'm reading. I thought it would help me remember more. What I think it actually does is makes me way more productive and organized. While taking this product, I am like a man on a mission at work. I'm Way more productive and organized while on this. I have noticed the best effects taking this with Ginko Biloba and Coffee. I take all 3 in the morning, and notice great results within the hour. It's over priced, yes. But what are the options.

  • Ellen Ivener - Formula changed or Product in bottle isn't as labeled....

    I've ordered this product before and what I got this time looks, smells, and feels completely different that what I got the first time. If the problem is that the formula changed, WOW - that's a dramatic change. I have a feeling that what was in the bottle I ordered isn't No-Poo at all. The fragrance is so strong I can smell my hair all day. This product is drying and not very gentle. I'm disappointed and won't order it again from Amazon.

  • Ronald S. - ... 2 hours and got 6 hours out of the recommended batteries. Of course the camera shut down while ...

    I commute with my bike 2 hours and got 6 hours out of the recommended batteries. Of course the camera shut down while I was out riding and I didn't know it. Night video is not the best, Daylight is OK, but I find it won't capture a license plate unless it is right in front of me. Still, this makes a fantastic second camera in the event that my primary fails, not to mention that the price was right. I would not buy this If you're getting a camera exclusively to collect potential accident evidence (IE someone cut you off) Other than that, this is a good camera.

  • Maverick - Rivaled only by a in home Personal Trainer

    As a novice to these types of games it was easy to use and understand, especially considering I had a bleary eyed 5 am start. The routines were easy to follow and the "learn it" features are great. My favorite so far is boot camp, lack of coordination made latin dancing frustrating, no slow step by step. You would have to run through the "learn it" a couple of times to get it. My other issue with this is that unlike most workout DVDs there are no modifications shown. I have challenges with my back and knees and some exercises such as plank push up are not for me. But if you are comfortable with ignoring the score you can do your own modification, after researching proper form, and have fun. The expectation is that over time you'll get better and your score will improve. But there so many options there is something for everyone. The calories burned is way off. I use a polar heart rate monitor and the system noted a 80 calorie burn my polar calculated 336. The Kinect interface is excellent and it will help you to learn and maintain proper form, important to minimize injury. So not as great as having a personal trainer coming to your home at 5am, but it is the next best thing!

  • Josh - SimCity Becomes Worst-Rated Product in Amazon History

    This SimCity debacle is now more embarrassing than the Manti Te'o saga that captivated us all; I, for one, can't take my eyes off the train wreck that is this launch. It's still unclear how historically bad this is. Is it Diablo III bad? Is it Spore (another EA disaster) bad? If Amazon reviews are any indication, SimCity in just its 4th day on the market has exceeded both previous disasters in 1-star reviews to become one of Amazon's lowest-rated products in history. Even the few 5-star reviews that exist are meant sarcastically to amuse and entertain.