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  • Courtney Jones - Quite Impressed!

    I received two very generous samples for free from PINCHme, and used one of them immediately as I suffer daily from lower back pain. The fact that it's odorless is a plus, since I'm very used to those pain relief creams with a strong, menthol odor. There was some comfort a few minutes after applying, and the cream spread very smoothly with hardly any residue. The cream absorbs quite quickly. However, the aching came back after a few hours. So I feel as if this is a cream that you should use consistently, and experiment with the amount to see what works best (I used the suggested dime-size dab). But this cream surprised me! A lot of other creams and gels that I've tried, and this works better than most of them (and with so little product, assuring me that it's a product with some longevity, which is another plus). This will be a cream I will be sticking with for a while! 

  • tammy renay lehew - Tea Tree oil is great!

    I use tea tree oil to treat acne & for scrapes & sores that get infected. My son had an insect bite (possibly a spider bite) that swelled & hurt him. After treating with tea tree oil for 3 days it is almost gone. I love the stuff! Too bad they can't do something about the smell though. Not pleasant at all but I will deal with it since its so great for bacterial infections.

  • coach mike - Saved over $200 compared to the dealer

    Bought these through Amazon for my wife's 2014 CRV, installed them myself in less than 30 minutes, and saved over $200 compared to what the local dealer wanted to charge me for the exact same product.

  • JJ801 - Not so sure

    I decided to try this because I have both Candida overgrowth issues and a Leaky Gut. I started with one packet a day for two weeks and didn't notice any real difference. I then tried to go up to two packets a day but immediately became constipated which is apparently common. No amount of fiber or magnesium seemed to really help so I went back to one packet a day for two more weeks. I again tried to go up to two packets a day and had the same issue. The week or so I stayed at two packets a day I also noticed no real difference or any "die off" symptoms. I read a theory somewhere else that maybe people with Leaky Gut have a hard time digesting the Canola Oil coating and therefore don't get the benefit. I have no idea how valid a theory that is but when I tried a different Candida specific formula without the coating I had significantly better results, "die off" symptoms and no constipation issues.