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  • Madam Eva - Honest review for this product, this review is for my boyfriend and myself, ingredients mentioned

    This product worked beyond great for my bf. He changed his life with the help of this product, it helped him lose almost 80 lb! He still drinks the shake 1-2xs a day and he has NO stomach problems, except he mentioned that the first week your gut has to get used to it. His favorite is Chocolate peanut butter, he says chocolate tastes funny, and we both agree that vanilla is almost as good as chocopeanutbutter.

  • Martha Pulla - Wish it could be available at all times.

    It does what it says. No more allergies symptoms...being clear for over a year. Great product! Unfortunately, not easy to find to order.

  • C.J. - Awesome book❤️

    This book had me hooked from page one! I love how it starts off letting us know how close the Barton brothers(Luke,Chris) & Hayley were growing up. Unfortunately Hayley left & didn't keep in touch for 3 years & when she comes back she's shocked to find out how life's been for her childhood crush (Luke). The story reverts back to what happened 3 years ago & I like how even this part of book has his & her points of view & loved hearing how he knew she was The One but wasn't secure enough to let her know. Loved the line " I'm the big Bad Wolf about to devour her" & how he refers her to " me little red riding hood". The story is a bit suspenseful- there are some murders that occur & I was on edge throughout the story. I was shocked on who the murderer was. I was given this book as an arc and voluntarily leaving my comments on how much I loved this story. There is a h.e.a. And no cliffhanger. I hope these 2 authors write more books together

  • ChicGeek - Not for me

    I purchased this item to use during my recovery from total ankle reconstruction. I had to be completely non-weightbearing on that leg for a month, followed by a month of partial weightbearing. Crutches were not a viable option for full-time use as I needed at least one hand free for tasks such as meal prep. This item seemed like the best choice. I had high hopes and eagerly tried it out prior to the surgery. It was a little scary, to be honest. I am a petite gal and this thing just felt so bulky and unwieldy from the get-go. The upper part pivoted around that tiny foot in a difficult-to-control manner, making it seem wobbly, and the weight of the apparatus made it somewhat of a challenge to lift with just my hip/leg muscles. I never really felt safe on it despite watching several videos produced by the manufacturer and practicing the techniques contained therein. In fact, the one time I wore the device for an extended period, there was an incident when that pivoting action occurred and I landed HARD on my non-weightbearing foot as I fell backward on a sidewalk. That was it for me and the iWalk 2.0. I switched to a knee scooter after that. I should add that I am a fairly athletic person and in fact had the surgery for a sports-related injury; balance and coordination are not normally problematic for me.

  • Hellslina - Feeling balanced!

    I drink this tea at night as I unwind for bed. It's been great to settle my stomach and balance my body before going to sleep. When I've eaten things throughout the day that I shouldn't have too much of (fried foods, dairy, spicy foods), I drink this tea and feel so much more balanced when I wake up in the morning.