Sunset Cruise | 07 Nov 2006 | photoblog by Kirsten Pearse - Ok, another boat shot! These sail are beautiful - what great shape! (The boats are called Dhow's, and these were captured Zanzibar). The two tone wate

  • Immediate Danger | 06 Nov 2006 | photoblog by Kirsten Pearse - The lion from the pic before [Latent Danger] decided to get up and see what I was up too. I love these animals - Lions are fantastic.

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  • Summer B. Frace - The LeapPad was already a great product. The Ultra is really great.

    My 5-year old daughter absolutely loves her LeapPad and she was thrilled to get a brand new LeapPad Ultra. I think if you're looking at both and trying to decide, the Ultra is the way to go if it's within your budget. Yes, it's a lot more expensive, but I think overall it's a better product with better longevity. My quibbles with it are very minor, but I'll list the things I like and things I don't like quite as much about the product when comparing to the LeapPad/LeapPad 2.

  • Barbara Bradley Hagerty - History as page-turner

    You would think that Joe Conason spent every day of Bill Clinton's post presidency by his side, observing, interviewing, taking insightful notes. As a journalist myself, I am awed by the depth of research and sheer readability of this work. Conason is generous to Clinton -- he clearly likes him -- but that does not prevent the author for shining a light on the flaws and peccadillos of our most frenetic recent President.

  • Worth a read - Worth a read

    There are three schools of thought regarding the origins of cancer: 1. it is genetic. 2. it is environmental. 3. it is a combination of 1 and 2.

  • JohnP423 - Not a workbook!

    I got this book because I wanted a workbook to work through. This book is more of a reference book. All the information is still of good quality. However, anyone with a decent amount of excel knowledge will find half of the book useless. Just not what I was looking for.